Bad Weather? Work From Home With Document Management

It’s winter – and that usually means bad weather at our headquarters in Buffalo, New York! All over the United States, the weather affects our daily commute. There are more than 128 million commuters in the United States – and all that precipitation and cold means a whole lot of them are going to have trouble getting to work at least once before springtime rolls around.

With an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), an authorized user can access any document, anywhere. Whether you’re facing unsafe roads, a power outage in the office or even the flu, your EDMS can keep you working.
With a cloud-based software system, your entire document management suite is hosted entirely on secure servers. Users access the EDMS repository through a desktop app, allowing them to find, check out and work on documents, spreadsheets, images, and emails as if they were stored on a hard drive or local server. As long as you have a computer and internet access, you’re good to go.
Best of all, working with a cloud-based EDMS solution is just as secure as working locally. All transmissions to and from the EDMS servers are encrypted and sent through a secure VPN connection. Documents stored are 100% your property – they can be modified or removed from the servers at any time.
Are you a traditional (server-based) user, or one who just doesn’t have a computer with a cloud desktop app available? No problem. The web module allows you to interact with documents in your repository through a simple, browser-based portal. Accessing your business-critical documents is as simple as opening Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari and entering login information.
And working remotely is even easier with an iPad, thanks to mobile applications.
It’s winter, and unfortunately work can’t stop, no matter how hard it is to get to work. With a secure, cloud-based, web, and/or mobile EDMS, it never has to.

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