4 HR Solutions That Can Supercharge Your Workflow

The HR department is the backbone of every company. From onboarding new hires to managing incredible amounts of sensitive data, the HR team provides an invaluable service in your organization. InStream supports HR teams in all types of companies and industries (including government, healthcare, business, and finance) by offering powerful automations and advanced solutions. Let’s look at four ways you can provide your team with tools that will supercharge their workflow, allowing them to provide faster and more streamlined services that benefit all employees.

#1 Shred the Paper

A paper-based office isn’t cheap. Paper, toner, storage, copy machines, printers… these costs can really add up, which is why so many businesses are moving to online document storage in the cloud. InStream’s HR solutions help organizations in all sectors transition from a paper-based office to a secure and reliable cloud-based office. As a result, files are easier to access and modify. Plus, organizations that take advantage of this for their HR solution enjoy reduced costs and improved security by relying on digital credentialed access.

#2 Expedite Onboarding

Bringing a new employee onto your team involves a lot of paperwork. Digitizing that workflow can expedite the onboarding process, reducing friction that’s keeping a new hire from starting the job. InStream’s HR automations help human resources improve the onboarding experience by creating electronic forms, which are easier to fill out and automatically stored in employees’ records. We partner with HR teams in creating custom workflows that get the right files to the right departments at the right time. Going digital creates a more convenient onboarding experience for your new hire. Plus, it’s easier to identify missing files and forms when working in a digital solution. Welcome new employees with an easy onboarding process.

#3 Ensure Compliance & Security

Compliance and regulations are constantly evolving. InStream’s HR automations can ensure your organization stays compliant with HIPAA and other industry-specific regulations. We can set highly customizable “view” permissions on your securely stored data, regulating which individuals can and cannot see certain files. We can even help you define rules regarding how much of a file can be viewed by authorized employees. Need to update a workflow or process to remain compliant? No problem. Our HR solutions are flexible and easily modified.

#4 Robust Search Tools

Even the best organized filing cabinet system can slow down an HR department. Organizations that opt for digital HR solutions benefit from robust search tools that allow for immediate file retrieval. Instead of sifting through physical files and folders, your team can pull up exactly what it needs with just a few simple keystrokes.

How Can Your Company Benefit From Our HR Solutions?

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