4 Ways Shared Services Can Improve an Organization’s Productivity

Play to your strengths. It’s advice we’ve all heard before, right? And it makes sense. When you focus on what you’re good at, you have the opportunity to turn good into great.

The strengths axiom is just as true for businesses as it is for individuals. Let’s say your company is terrific at innovating healthcare technology or selling subscription software. But when it comes to document scanning and conversion, you still need the tools, resources, and employees to do the job with the same excellence.

Instead of trying to turn document scanning into one of your strengths, you can simply outsource it to improve productivity.

One of InStream’s strengths is providing shared services to organizations that excel in finance, government, healthcare, and a variety of other industries. So, how exactly can integrating shared services improve your organization’s productivity? Let’s take a closer look at four ways.

#1 Virtual Lockbox Processing

If your business is like most, you’re great at producing and shipping products and services. But depositing incoming payments is almost like another side business. InStream helps you focus on what you’re good at by managing every facet of the virtual lockbox environment for you. From receiving and depositing payments using bank agnostic software, to providing you copies of checks, remittance advices, and a data file you can feed into your existing AP system, we’ve got you covered.

#2 Intuitive Printing

InStream’s intuitive printing services allow your organization to quickly generate and mail time-sensitive documents to the right people, in the right format, at the right time. This fully customizable process automation can be applied to everything from mortgage application processing to insurance policy declarations. Intuitive printing provides your team with greater control over your communication process, allowing you to easily send customer correspondence in a timely manner.

#3 Data Entry

Often time consuming, data entry can be a cumbersome task in many organizations. It doesn’t have to be. InStream’s shared services allow organizations to offload the task of manually keying data from an image. We use our broad expertise to establish best practices, like building databases to reduce keystrokes and programmatic validation to ensure accuracy and eliminate entry errors.

#4 Document Scanning & Conversion Services

Watch your organization’s productivity soar when you move your data from paper to a digital format through InStream’s document conversion services. Once digitized, these images and data can be easily searched, collated, and applied everywhere from the sales department to accounts payable. Instead of rifling through filing cabinets to find information, retrieve your data with a few swift keystrokes.

InStream produces high-quality reproductions of a wide variety of documents, even offering historical document conversion services that follow Library of Congress approved conversion methods. InStream has worked with cemeteries, libraries, and historical societies to digitally convert thousands of historical documents. Download these case studies to learn more:

Learn More About Shared Services

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