5 Advantages to Cloud Fax Services Vs. Stand-Alone Fax Machines

5 Advantages to Cloud Fax Services 

Transitioning to cloud fax services replaces the need for physical machines, saving your organization space, time, and money while still providing a secure environment for protected health information. Cloud faxing provides the same services as stand-alone fax machines without clunky hardware.

Digitally sending documents through the internet will speed up workflows and limit the use of physical paperwork. These five advantages to cloud fax services reveal how transitioning online will benefit your organization.

Cloud-based software and services help businesses mitigate risk and maximize flexibility, accessibility, and scalability.


Grow with your organization, expanding as you need. Seamless deployment and modifications to services is a benefit that cloud solutions will always have over on-premise hardware. Workflows do not have to stop for scheduled upgrades or increases in lines.

Compliance and Security

Data encryptions with cloud faxing solutions ensure you are following HIPAA and PCI DSS guidelines, protecting your business. Defend the integrity of personal health information with a secure and encrypted platform. Embedded security protocols guarantee protected access to the data your team needs and privacy from unnecessary information.


Consistent costs for your organization keep budgets on track while accounting for growth. According to WestFax, implementing cloud fax services can cost only 10 – 15 percent of your budgeted support renewal, without expensive licensing and start-up fees. Unlimited users keep costs restricted to the number of pages sent and fax lines.

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Efficiency is crucial within healthcare organizations, so compatibility with existing solutions is a top priority when researching new possibilities. Custom integrations give your organization the power to complete the tasks that keep the business running smoothly. Cloud faxing solutions directly integrate with your EHR and document management solutions. Combine new software with a variety of existing electronic health record solutions such as Cerner, Epic, or Meditech.

IT Services

The requirement of minimal company resources is another contrasting advantage of cloud faxing services. For example, by entrusting a service provider to manage and maintain your servers and receiving 24/7 support for any issues stemming from your service, your IT department can focus on other tasks.

Implementing Cloud Fax Services

Fax is still a necessary medium to transmit secure information within the healthcare industry. However, you do not need to rely on old-fashioned hardware.

Additionally, cloud faxing provides a secure mode to transmit patient data without requiring physical machines. Direct integration with your existing programs simplifies processes without compromising security or workflows. Enjoy the benefits of conventional cloud faxing while online.

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