Why Digital? The Benefits of Cloud-Based Software.

Transition to Cloud-Based Software 

Transitioning to cloud-based software offers several benefits with which traditional on-site servers simply cannot contend.

Thick cables coated in yellow and blue plastic snaking up through a drop ceiling… whirring mainframes and blinking lights… even today, many businesses have just such a place for traditional IT services.

These remote corners and windowless basements are becoming a relic of the past as more companies turn to cloud-based software solutions. Cloud-based software runs on shared computing resources through the internet and provides processing, memory, and storage. 

Easy Remote Access

Host critical business systems and document management solutions in cloud-based software to give employees and stakeholders access to systems from anywhere. Through the development of mobile access, authorized users can easily access all the tools and files they need. Gone are the days of having to be on-site to access data stored in a local network. In addition to wider office access,  remote workers can complete tasks in different locations through secure servers.

Secure Storage of Sensitive Data

When using cloud document management and software solutions, your business’s critical systems and data are securely stored and protected. All data is backed up and safeguarded from infiltration through a variety of multilayered security measures. Data is encrypted and hidden behind firewalls. Safety is ensured when the applications on your network are patched and up-to-date, and when every vulnerability is remediated or mitigated.

Safe from Disasters

Paper files and local data storage systems are subject to all kinds of disasters, from flooding and fire to burst pipes and theft. When using the cloud for software and document management solutions, your key systems and data are protected from these threats. Securely stored in the cloud, your data is safe. Every organization needs business continuity and disaster recovery safeguards (BCDR) in place.

Scalable Solutions

When using cloud-based document management solutions, overseeing growth spurts are painless. Cloud solutions are nimble and responsive. Subsequently, you will quickly adapt as the volume and complexity of your company’s needs expand. You will not have to expand an on-site server’s footprint within your office by purchasing or leasing additional square footage, or hire more IT support. Through the cloud, Upper management can confidently scale solutions up (or down).

Eliminated Infrastructure Costs

Compared to hardware, eliminate many of the infrastructure costs that pull down your bottom line by transitioning to cloud-based services. Reduce hardware and server reliance, utility bills, maintenance expenses, and security costs. Divert budget and resources to areas that will grow your business. Additionally, your business will run on the latest, up-to-date, professionally maintained equipment through InStream.

Free Up Your IT

By relying on the cloud,  internal IT professionals are free to focus on other critical projects.  You can redirect IT resources to the projects where they are needed most when InStream manages your cloud environment.

Why Partner with InStream for Cloud Services?

InStream’s cloud-based software and services help businesses mitigate risk and maximize flexibility, accessibility, and scalability. For more information, contact us.


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