How Sales & Marketing Can Benefit from Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA Solutions Within Sales and Marketing Generates New Business

In many business organizations, the sales and marketing departments are some of the highest revenue generators. To generate leads and drive growth, you want to free up your sales team to do what they do best: sell. Businesses large and small are finding that they can maximize the sales and marketing departments’ time by removing the barriers that are keeping these employees from executing in their valuable roles.

Would you like to remove some of the more repetitive tasks that are currently preventing your sales staff from closing more deals?

If you’re nodding your head, then you need to meet robotic process automation – “RPA” for short. RPA combines software robots with business defined rules to automate tasks on behalf of an employee.

Automating processes using software robots is much easier than you think, especially when you use RP3AS (Robotic Process Automation as a Service)

RPA in Sales & Marketing Departments

RPA can be used in sales and marketing departments in a variety of ways. Let’s take a closer look at four primary uses…

Competitive Pricing & Monitoring

For years, savvy consumers have used online tools that track prices on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Price drop? Ping! Those shoppers are rewarded with email notification and can buy at a discounted price.

So, why aren’t the sales departments in major companies doing something similar to keep an eye on the competition?

InStream develops these types of custom RPA solutions for sales and marketing departments so that you can track your competitors’ websites and prices in real-time. Get a report or email notification when there’s a change, and then adjust your own prices based on real-time market conditions. Reports can be sent daily, weekly, or at any interval you set.

Maintain your competitive edge without taking valuable time out of your day to manually browse competitor’s websites. Let a bot do it for you!

Business Intelligence Reporting

There is so much data available to your sales and marketing department that if you spent all your time manually processing it, you might not have many hours left in the week for actual selling. This is a perfect opportunity to set up business defined rules and let a robot take over with RPA.

RPA can be used in this capacity to:

  • Identify new entrants into the market. New competitor website pops up? Your bot, searching 24/7, will find it and notify you!
  • Track events, campaigns, and messaging that your competition is using to promote products or run sales.
  • Provide insights into existing account activity. For example, if a current account is overdue on a payment or has failed to renew a subscription product, then an alert could automatically notify a sales rep, creating an opportunity for the rep to follow-up with the customer, who may be thinking about taking their business elsewhere. With RPA, your sales reps are more in the loop with regards to client accounts.

RPA optimize the benefits they bring to your company by reducing redundancies in their daily tasks.

Data Aggregation & Management

Quality leads and accurate customer contact information is the lifeblood of any sales department. How much time do you think your sales team spends on list building?

Now, what if you could reduce those hours significantly and re-allocate them to actual sales calls? That would be worth a lot to any business, right?

With RPA, you can. Robots can be deployed to aggregate contacts for sales staff so that your sales reps do not have to spend time searching for companies, names, phone numbers, and other critical contact information. Then, bots can be used to update your CRM with this new contact data. Bots can even be used to crawl the web and other software programs, aggregating additional information on your existing CRM contacts and layering additional context onto prospect profiles.

Monitoring RFP / Bid Sites for New Opportunities

Finally, RPA can be used to crawl RFP and bid sites for new opportunities. Instead of manually searching for new business, your sales staff can receive new RFPs automatically as they become available. Custom filters can even be developed to weed out projects that aren’t the right fit and escalate high-value opportunities to key decision-makers.

Once RFPs have been identified by the bot, RPA can automatically download those files directly in a designated folder on your company’s servers or delivered directly to your sales team via email.

Let’s Talk About RPA!

Our robotic process automation experts at InStream would be happy to learn about your needs and answer your questions regarding the use of RPA in your sales and marketing departments. Contact us to begin the conversation. Our goal is to successfully partner with you in reaching your goal – whether that’s through the implementation of RPA or other custom solutions.

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