Manufacturing Business Solutions: When Your Facility Needs Document Management

Manufacturing Business Solutions: When Your Facility Needs Document Management


Manufacturers across the nation are producing A LOT of paper. Documentation is an essential component of the manufacturing industry. Documents must be filled out, stored, and retrieved throughout the manufacturing process. With so many documents to keep track of, manufacturers must be organized and have constant access to their files.

When a company lacks a structured process for managing their documents, it must expend valuable resources to make up for inefficiencies. However, if a manufacturer decides to invest in a more effective document management solution, it will benefit for years to come from the increased security, accuracy, and efficiency that new technology provides. This article will discuss a few tell-tale signs that your document management system might need an upgrade.

If you are looking to make your manufacturing facility more efficient, document management is a great place to start. Read about our three recommended solutions.

Do You Struggle to Move Documents Across the Shop Floor?

It is extremely frustrating when one step of the manufacturing process is halted while your team waits for approval or revision notices. Delays due to slow-moving documents can be detrimental to any facility, slowing down the manufacturing process. Implementing manufacturing business solutions will ensure that all authorized facility employees, from shop floor workers to plant managers, have access to the manufacturing documents that they need. Electronic content management software scans paper documents into a digital format and directs them into your workflow.  This easy, yet secure system gives you access to your data and streamlines the manufacturing process allowing for increased collaboration across the entire facility.

Learn how InStream has assisted Avox in managing an extensive backlog of data.

Are You Are Spending Too Much Money on Paper Documents?

If you are storing paper documents on-site, then you are probably spending a fortune on paper, ink, printers, file cabinets, and storage. On-site manual paper processing and storage also requires a lot of time and employee labor. Digitizing documents becomes significantly cheaper than storing paper documents for years at a time. Manufacturing business solutions will either eliminate or greatly reduce the cost associated with manually processing paper documents.

This comprehensive software will improve your workflow by refocusing and modernizing key components such as tracking and customization to your specific needs.

How Organized are Your Paper Documents?

If your documents are disorganized, then your documents are at a greater risk for a security breach, loss, or theft. Digitizing your data ensures that you can capture an audit trail, so you can monitor your documents at every step of the process. Electronic filing cabinets work with your specific compliance needs. Confidential information can be easily redacted from documents through the establishment of rules within your system. Scheduled reminders and updates on your data will prepare you for expiration dates and audits. Document organization boosts facility productivity by giving you instant access to documents and equipping your facility with the ability to make smarter processing decisions.

Instream Solutions Maximize Efficiency by Eliminating Paper Dependence

InStream’s document management solutions will automate your manufacturing processes from start to finish. Execute and track work through its lifespan to ensure your customers receive the best possible service. By creating a system for seamless workflow, you will increase the access to data and productivity among your team.  Schedule a consultation to find the best solution for your team.


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