Remote Workforce Management: Find Solutions to Maximize Efficiency

Remote Workforce Management: Find Solutions to Maximize Efficiency 


As corporate America continues to transform how and where we work, it has become crucial to find automation solutions and professional services that will assist your team with completing tasks quickly and efficiently. Working at home has proven that employees can handle the same workload away from the office. However, employees must have access to the correct networks and data to complete their tasks.


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What Do I Need My Solutions to Accomplish?


Companies are looking for automation solutions and services that are geared towards remote workforce management. Implement solutions that allow access from different devices, are scalable, and provide high levels of security.



Accessibility is crucial as more work is being completed on mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Working from home limits access to filing cabinets and paper documents kept in your office. Task completion is delayed as employees wait for access or have documents mailed to them. Allowing digital access to documents will speed up processes and improve customer satisfaction. Advanced data capture puts information directly into your workflow and cloud-based document management which promotes access from any location at any time, allowing a seamless transition between input and retrieval. Your system will be able to receive, track, manage, and store documents that integrate with your workflow. Employees will be able to upload or download data throughout the workday as needed.


The protection of your data is the top priority when implementing a new solution. This increased accessibility comes with a higher risk of security threats. Teach employees how best to protect themselves and viable data.

Lockbox services and mail processing provide a physical level of security for your data while allowing for digital access and automation. The quick transition to working remotely does not need to delay processing. The development of payment portals will merge credit card payments with the lockbox processing system. Employee paychecks are processed in a secure area and sent out matching your established timeline. Mail processing has established automation rules assisting with the retrieval process for the receiver. There are several different security measures placed throughout the document conversion process to ensure the safety of private information.

Cloud storage and backups in secondary locations will prevent unauthorized access to your data. Solutions that recognize your compliance needs and required storage timelines will keep data in the foreground before moving it to storage. Work with a team to create policies and procedures for your workflow and compliance programs.

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Flexibility has become a top skill as corporate regulations are updated. It has become increasingly important to manage a shift in direction quickly. Focus your efforts on securing a scalable solution that is customized to your specific requirements but can change alongside your needs. Prevent the need to entirely change your solution down the road and promote a long-term answer to your data needs. Custom integrations create a pipeline between the essential systems you use to run your business efficiently and effectively.


Robotic Process Automation automates simple tasks like data retrieval and processing and specialized workers are freed up to focus on the tasks only they can accomplish. These solutions complete mundane and repetitive tasks for your employees and are always scalable to do more as your business grows. Automation software can complete tasks 24/7 which gives time back to your employees. RPA also has the power to resolve calendar conflicts and aggregate weekly reminders which will keep employees engaged while allowing you to manage your workforce. 


Remote workers need access to equipment and software to complete their assignments. It is hard to find time to give every employee access to what they need while focusing on projects. Project Management as a Service can take your business objectives and tailor a plan to achieve them. Combined with Managed IT, employees can have assistance with updates and projects without disrupting or adding more to their schedules.

Acquiring IT services from external sources will allow your team to focus on the tasks that generate revenue for your business. Managed IT will ensure that your system and network are up-to-date and secure. Completing patches and upgrades often proves to be an arduous task. Having a set external team to complete these tasks will allow employees to remain focused on their roles and keeps your company concentrated on big picture goals.

InStream will help your company with Managed IT services, ensuring that you have time to focus on external-facing projects.

InStream Supports Remote Workforce Management 


InStream provides a legion of solutions to facilitate efficiency in your business tasks. We remain focused on providing cost-effective automation solutions and helping brands optimize workflow. Working from home has created a challenge to find new best practices, but at InStream, we will help you find the best possible solution for your budget, size, and needs.

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