Project Management as a Service Scope : What It Is, and How It Helps

Project Management as a Service Scope  : What It Is, and How It Helps

Project Management as a Service scope management helps teams oversee a project by creating and tracking a plan, including goals, tasks, deadlines, deliverables, and your budget. See how project management works for teams with internal goals but external needs take over. It might be unrealistic to assume that all projects will remain completely in sync with a predetermined strategy, however, creating and following plans will ensure that your projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Across all industries, businesses tend to focus on outward business first: the revenue-generating, market share-growing kind of work that you do best. Inwardly focused projects such as process improvements, server or windows upgrades, might be overlooked as companies work to bring in new business and create financial benefits for its team.

Trying To Get Innovative Projects Off the Back Burner?

How Project Management Works for InStream

Many businesses’s IT departments are busy with outward business projects paired with high importance unplanned work, such as containing security breaches, which must get boosted to top priority for obvious reasons. IT departments tend to be so busy with these things that those “need to do” not “have to do” projects get bumped out indefinitely. Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 may not be a top priority for today or even next month; but delaying until a year from now could have serious consequences, for example.

Dealing with Departmental Constraints?

When business is good and workers are busy, there’s little time left for pursuing an internal process and line of business improvements that will take the team to the next level. Many departments find themselves in an endless loop scenario, in which they are too busy with the tasks at hand to pull back and make systematic changes that will result in less busyness and more long term streamlined efficiency. InStream offers project management as a service (PMaaS) which will allows you to offload those important but secondary or tertiary, improvement tasks. This allows your department to continue full steam ahead while also enjoying the benefits of working smarter through process improvements.

PMaaS Is One of Our Core Competencies

InStream provides project management services as a part of the package of all the solutions we sell, from automating accounts payable to building eForms into an HR department. However, some of our clients also hire us to provide project management as a standalone service.

Whatever your project may be, from implementing new technology to assessing and streamlining business processes, our expert project managers can see the project through from initial structuring to completion.

Here’s a more detailed look at how project management works …

Infographic: Life Cycle of Project Management as a Service

The Lifecycle of Project Management as a Service Your dedicated project manager will begin by structuring the project. Think of this as the roadmap that will get you from Point A to Point Z. Project managers are adept in knowing what types of specialists, skills, and technologies are required for meeting your objective. Outline Overall Goal/Scope Next, the goal and scope of the project will be outlined so that all stakeholders can gain a clear vision for the project. Developing realistic expectations during this time can lead to a “win” for all parties. Develop the Timeline Your project manager will develop a timeline that clearly outlines exactly what will happen by when. A successful timeline is firm in its expectations, yet provides some flexibility for when unforeseen circumstances require a change of course. Identify the Milestones Clear milestones or benchmarks signal progress to the team. Strategic project managers will identify these milestones, acknowledge the achievements, and drive the team forward to the next marker! Define Requirements & Create a Project Plan Every project has firm requirements. Your project manager will identify these and outline a plan for knocking over each domino. Marshal Resources Because project managers are knowledgeable in every aspect of the project, they’re able to marshal resources effectively, distributing time, money, and talent to the appropriate channels. Set SMART Goals At InStream, we work SMART, by setting goals that are: • Specific • Measurable • Achievable • Relevant • Timely Manage & Recognize Risk Risk is inherent in any project. However, risk isn’t something to be feared; it’s something to be managed. Incisive project managers identify the risk and plan for contingencies. Create & Assign Tasks throughout the Duration of the Project Naturally, the role of a project manager involves no shortage of hands-on management. These professionals are skilled in defining clear tasks, assigning them to the appropriate employees or contractors, and following up on progress with regular check-ins. Provide Consistent Status Updates Project managers must provide consistent status updates to the management, team, and all stakeholders. At InStream, we believe in clear and open communication. No surprises! Monitor Budget & Timeline Successful projects are completed within the budget and on time. Of course, this requires consistent management and oversight! Being on budget and on time doesn’t happen effortlessly; that’s why you have a project manager to keep a close watch over things! Drive Momentum Lastly, a project manager must be a leader capable of driving work forward, ensuring that progress is made and timelines are observed. Finish! Ultimately, the project is completed, and the final “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” crossed. Post-completion deliverables, such as reports and other forms of documentation, may also be delivered at this time. Contact us to discuss a current project! Which Projects Can We Help You Get Off The Back Burner? With years of experience in managing projects of all sizes, our team is prepared to handle whatever challenges are on your plate!
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Our Project Management philosophy is anchored by a belief in the power of communication. It is your business and your objectives, but it is our job to understand the importance of those objectives and tailor a plan designed to achieve them as directly as possible. From initial project conception and planning through completion; we act as an invested stakeholder ensuring that in every facet of the work we’re performing for your organization is done with the highest levels of professionalism.

InStream will see your projects to completion through planning and strategy.

Allow us to take over your internal projects. InStream is ready to help you implement PMaaS today!

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