Keep Hackers Out! Protect Your Company from Ransomware.

Keep Hackers Out! Protect Your Company from Ransomware.

Ransomware is a digital version of malware that attacks your company’s files and data. It locks its victims out of their documents by creating encryptions that make it impossible to reach and recover information. Once your information has been encrypted by an attacker, it is held for ransom. They want to force their victims to pay to retrieve their data. Often, they will not return your data even if you choose to pay. The protection and preservation of your data is priority number one when it comes to a ransomware attack. Methods of attacks have changed as technology does, but so does protection software.

How can I protect myself against ransomware?

Here are three easy ways to be ready for any malware that finds its way into your system:

  • Education

    • It is crucial to provide employees training against malicious attachments and phishing emails. This is an easy way for attackers to get behind your firewall to access private information. Always double-check that you’re only opening emails and links from people that you know. Attacks cannot be avoided in every instance. While it’s important to have protection in place to be prepared, always have a plan for action when an attack occurs.
  • Vigilance

    • Know where your most valuable information is held and what an attacker could want within your system. If you are aware of any holes in your security, it is easy to make improvements. Be aware of common attacks for your specific industry to know how you could be attacked. Know your options if there your servers were unavailable and have a plan for recovery. For example, do you have cyber insurance coverage? This may assist in recovering any losses or help provide a ransom payment.
  • Do a fire drill!

    • Test runs indicate any vulnerabilities and provide an opportunity to make changes for the better. This ensures that the first time you use your protection software and plan for recovery, it will not be during a real attack. Having a third party come to test your ransomware protection gives you the knowledge and occasion to better defend your data.

How Can I Safeguard My Data? 

Routinely saving new copies of data will ensure you have versions to retro back to instead of suffering a loss during an attack. Experts recommend having copies saved in different locations to guarantee that the loss of one doesn’t mean the loss of all entirely! Documents can be programmed to be saved for any length of time or up to a certain number of copies. This plan for restoration ensures that you still have your data even if a copy is taken for ransom.

I’ve Been Hacked. What Do I Do Now?

Make sure to separate the infected computer from your network and shared folder to limit the spread. Try to find the specific strain of malware that has infected the computer and share any information with the proper authorities. Utilize document backups to recover any information encrypted during an attack. Remaining calm and implementing your predetermined plan for recovery will produce a successful recovery process.

Stay Safe Against Ransomware 

There is always a risk of ransomware, so be vigilant about dangerous attachments and stay informed on any new threats. Be sure to always look for any improvements within your protection software to stay secure. Stay safe out there!

Contact InStream today to assess how at-risk you are to a ransomware attack, and see how the Secure Archive Manager (SAM) solution can protect your company’s data.

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