ApplicationXtender: Simplify Document Management

ApplicationXtender: Simplify Document Management


Manage all your documents and data with ApplicationXtender (AX). Utilizing AX will help simplify the organization and retrieval process within your document-related business.  It offers the ability to simplify and automate your business processes with workflow with trackable routing, document scanning, and retrieval and can integrate with your existing systems. It has been proven successful in mid-sized businesses by eliminating paper and manual document processing which reduces transaction costs and provides easy access to documents and data.

What can ApplicationXtender do?

  • Scan, store, and retrieve documents and data in an easily manageable and organized system. ApplicationXtender has built-in scanning systems that make it easy to enter information directly into existing projects.
  • Retrieve documents and data in real-time from your desktop, web, or mobile device. You can search for documents and data after they have been entered into the system. The quick retrieval process allows for fast decision-making and a quick workflow. With Full Text Searchability, you can find information based on application content or any other predetermined indexed values.
  • Track any document’s standing within your workflow. You can know exactly when and how documents are updated, printed, or moved throughout processes. Maintaining trackability will ensure that actions are completed promptly, and employees have the resources to complete their tasks.

Routing documents through your organization with AX increases efficiency and trackability. For example, an HR department can forward a resume for review or approval and send it to the next steps in the workflow. Invoices in an AP Department can be scanned and routed for approval through the determined business processes.

Need Document Capture Software?

ApplicationXtender has powerful capture software that is easy to install, configure with rapid deployment that is included in its system.  AX Capture can perform all batch scanning and indexing functions for your many different business applications. InStream can help you combat your backlog of documents by prepping, scanning, and indexing them an importing them directly into AX for you. Once your backlog is current,  InStream can help develop processes to manage your day forward scanning needs.

Protect Data and Divide Assignments

Being a company-based platform, AX allows different departments to set up different projects that sit in the same software. Employees are given user rights based on what they are authorized to work on within the system. This will protect private information and make sure your staff has access to the data they need. Retention Manager supports retention and deposition rules to reduce risk and meet Government and Industry Compliance Standards.

Manage Users Through Concurrent Licensing

ApplicationXtender uses a concurrent user licensing pricing model. The interface is loaded onto every desktop, but the system will only allow the number of purchased users on the license to access the system at once. Planning for active users is important when deciding the size of your license. The concurrent user license will provide your organization with the most cost-effective solution as it allows you to build at your own pace as your company grows. The system is easily scalable, meaning new users can be added quickly at any time. If you are facing budgetary restraints within your IT department, the simplicity to manage AX makes it an ideal resource.

Integrate ApplicationXtender with Existing Applications

Connecting this software with your existing solutions is simple. AX contains a connector which allows your business applications to talk together and mitigate your workflow. Combining software increases your efficiency and improves the ability to make informed decisions quickly. Retrieve and process content directly to be up-to-date with everything moving through your workflow.

Let’s Get Started!

ApplicationXtender will simplify your data retrieval process and increase the efficiency of document-intensive business processes. The access to data from any location, including mobile devices, and at any time will speed up decision making and productivity. Installation can be completed remotely with minimal disruption to your team and creates an immediate turn-around for ROI. This system improves the standard for document management and retrieval software.

If you would like to see how AX works, contact us today for a free demo.

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AX has been implemented in companies around the United States. Read more about its success with Koike Aronson. InStream has eliminated any manual entry for Koike, so they don’t have to enter information, pick up any documents or worry about anything being lost in the mail.

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