Using Document Management Software to Reach Your Business Goals

Using Document Management Software to

Reach Your Business Goals   


FileBound is an all-encompassing document management software with the capability for storage, search and retrieval, workflow, e-forms, and reporting. This comprehensive software will improve your workflow by refocusing and modernizing key components such as tracking and customization to your specific needs. FileBound’s capture solution enhances your line of business by giving you immediate access to documents while clearing physical space in your office. It is scalable to your business needs and will meet the security requirements of legal and IT departments. Preserving your data in this organized system ensures that employees can locate exactly what they need to complete tasks on time. FileBound prides itself on providing an easy-to-use system that streamlines tasks, opens lines of communication, and speeds up workflow.

The Importance of User Experience

Document management software makes creating e-forms and electronic workflows are simple within this software. FileBound has prioritized designing their solution to be effortless for all clients to implement and program it to their needs. The user-friendly system does not require a developer. They optimized a drag and drop configuration instead of HTML coding which will save you time and money during the development process. With a user-friendly interface, time spent on training is reduced and the system can be put into action immediately.

Communication is Key 

FileBound establishes a knowledge-based standard in your business, promoting productivity and increasing completion times. Documents hosted in the system are readily accessible. With clear processes created for your team, changes can be made to documents and sent to coworkers as needed. Designated documents that require an action to move through your line of business will show on each user’s assignment page. This gives your management team the ability to influence the team to follow processes and control the flow of documents and content. Employees can easily determine where to find data and communicate directly with colleagues within the organization to obtain it.

Create Intelligence Business Processes

Knowing the timeline of your business cycle allows management to anticipate when transactions will be completed, giving customers estimated completion dates for their product or service. FileBound’s document management software will be able to see how much time a document spends in workflow before reaching completion. Having this information will show you the process in action and help make any potential changes to improve your overall turn-around times.

FileBound Will Connect Your Team and Increase Efficiency

The visibility and process improvement that FileBound offers, gives your business the ability to reach goals and empower your workforce. Combine the power of document management software with workflow automation to increase efficiency and communication among your team. The analytic and customization components of this system will help you reach business goals quickly.


FileBound will increase communication and productivity within your team.

Get started with document management software. InStream is ready to help you implement FileBound today!

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