How Software Can Make Every HR Job Easier & More Efficient

If you work in HR, you probably spend a lot of time trying to get completed forms and signatures. Working as a human resource professional often means chasing down employees and following up on deliverables. Instream’s HR solutions…

  • …make form completion convenient for all parties.
  • …will send nudges and reminders, so you don’t have to.
  • …allow your department to host a rich database of forms that can be made available to all employees, so there’s never any confusion about standard operating procedure.
  • …include resume scanning technology that helps your department identify the best candidates and automatically filter out unqualified resumes.

At InStream, we help HR teams in organizations in every sector do their jobs with greater ease and efficiency. How? It’s all possible with the magic of software designed to help your HR department flourish.

Digital HR Solutions

These are just a couple of the ways InStream has been able to help HR departments become more efficient:

    • Digital workflows for the onboarding process. Bringing on a new hire requires a lot of forms and paperwork. Printing forms, delivering them in a packet, requiring the new hire to fill them out manually, deciphering the handwriting, and then scanning or uploading the data to a digital storage system (or filing them manually in cabinets) is a lot of work. With InStream’s HR automation solutions, your team can send eForms, allowing new hires to fill out paperwork electronically on their computer or mobile device. Prompts and notifications can even be sent automatically to recipients, nudging the process along without your direct input!
    • Stay in compliance by managing view permissions. One of the primary functions of HR is to protect the company from liability. Shouldn’t that protection start within the HR department itself? By using one of InStream’s document management solutions, you can set strict view permissions on files for everyone in the company based on business defined rules.

How Can We Help Your HR Team?

InStream excels in taking the time to get to know how your organization operates and learning about your goals and desires. Then, we offer thoughtful solutions that address your unique needs. No two clients are exactly the same, so no two solutions are exactly the same. Contact InStream today to start the conversation.