InStream ISMs: People Determine Solutions – Not Budgets

Last month we introduced the InStream ISMs, a few of the guiding principles that inform us – and our customers – of who we are. Number one on that list?

People determine solutions – not budgets.

You see, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and certainly no one-size-fits-all budget. We believe that a company’s budget shouldn’t be the sole determining factor in the service that they receive.

There Is An Option. It’s Our Job to Find It.

Think of it this way…

Imagine you didn’t know anything about wristwatches. One day, you step into a Cartier store, discover watches for the first time, but are disappointed by the $6,500 price tag. There’s no way you can ever afford one. Alternatively, let’s say your introduction to watches comes from a stroll down Canal Street, where a poorly made knock-off costs $15. You buy one and four days later it’s broken. Who would ever want to buy a watch, you think?

In the same way, we often work with clients who are fairly new to the services and solutions that we offer. In some cases, our clients have only been exposed to cheap offerings from low-tier software companies. Or, as is more often the case, they’ve been left with their jaws on the floor after seeing the astronomical price tag attached to past proposals.

At InStream, we’re experienced in finding the right solution for every budget. Whether your organization needs document management, data capture, or a custom workflow solution, we take the time to understand your needs and create an appropriate solution that’s right on budget.

Not everyone needs the “Cartier solution.” And no one deserves the Canal Street knock-off.

On Budget… Without Cutting Quality

How do we do it? Typically, we approach this mission with one (or a combination) of these three approaches…

  1. Implement in phases. Oftentimes, a big project on a modest budget can benefit from being built out in stages. Take this common scenario, for example: a healthcare organization needs a new document management and workflow solution. We begin by building out this phase of the project with a goal of making further enhancements six months after the completion of Phase One. During this six month interim, the healthcare organization has the opportunity to better define processes, discover new uses and potential for their software, and secure the finances for Phase Two. By the time Phase Two comes around, the healthcare organization is ready to add on additional features like eForms or software integrations.
  2. Let InStream do the work for you. Another way our clients are often able to save money is by letting InStream do certain services for them. Intuitive printing, scanning, and many other services require significant investments in hardware and staff training. We already have the hardware and the trained professionals. When you let InStream handle those services for you, you can reserve your company’s labor and capital for the roles you excel in providing.
  3. Find the right sequence. From scanning to data capture to document management, we work with a variety of softwares for businesses of all sizes. Because we have such an in-depth familiarity with so many premium software programs, we’re always able to either find a sequence of softwares or develop a completely custom solution that will meet the needs of our customers while staying within budget.

Whatever cost-saving approach (or combination) we take, we always strive to be flexible. We recognize that the solution that our specialists develop for you won’t be identical to the last client’s.

Our Clients Enjoy Even More Financial Benefits!

A custom solution gets you the product you need at the price you can afford. But there are additional financial benefits worth mentioning.

First and foremost… ROI. InStream’s document management and workflow solutions pay for themselves in time (and money!) saved due to increased processing speeds. Once ROI is achieved, those savings will only continue to compile! We strive to build sustainable solutions that will serve your needs on an ongoing basis and help you see ROI as quickly as possible.

Additionally, in industries ranging from finance to manufacturing to healthcare, compliance is paramount. By implementing a document management and workflow solution, your team is able to work with greater speed and accuracy, while also reducing potential exposure to non-compliance fees and other related expenses.

Implementing these new solutions saves our clients from being exposed to the costs and risks associated with being audited and having to manually search for information – information that could have been easily accessible if stored in a document management system.

What Project Has Been On Your Backburner?

Does your company have document management or workflow solution needs that you have been hesitant to address because of a costly proposal you’ve received in the past? Let’s talk and take a fresh look at your needs. Remember, at InStream, it’s the strategic expertise of our people – not your budget – that drives the final solution. We work with companies of all sizes in virtually every industry. Contact InStream to start the conversation.