Advanced Data Capture: Industry Solutions

Advanced Data Capture is a document management technology that combines hardware and software to extract, index and verify information from documents. The goal of Advanced Data Capture is to reduce or eliminate manual data entry, and streamline data mining processes. The emergence of “big data” has increased office data volumes, making it difficult for employees to extract useful data for business strategies. With so much “big data” manual data entry has become an outdated process that often leads to efficiency bottlenecks.

For document-heavy industries, Advanced Data Capture is a beneficial document management solution that automates the data entry process, equipping companies with analytics and data insights to make better-informed business decisions. Advanced Data Capture technologies are being used across industries to significantly reduce the cost and effort involved in manual data entry and processing.

Here are a few industries that benefit from Advanced Data Capture:

Financial: Financial offices face many challenges with regards to documents and regulations. Advanced Data Capture is used in the financial industry to capture and process checks, invoices, loan applications and credit card information.

Healthcare: Instant patient record retrieval is essential to healthcare operations. Healthcare offices are looking for ways to alleviate their paper struggles and improve patient care. Advanced Data Capture will extract patient information, including name, birthdate, and patient ID numbers, so that records can be easily searched and recognized. Your office will be able to streamline communications with other departments and practices.

Human Resources: Most HR offices are still buried under paper personnel files. Advanced Data Capture will scan and capture your timesheets, applications and employee reviews, fostering improved organization in your department.

In any industry, Advanced Data Capture will:

  • Reduce labor expenses with reduced document handling.
  • Streamline efficiency and improve project completion times.
  • Improve company communications with easy searchability and retrieval.
  • Provide your company with competitive advantage.
  • Effortlessly extract and validate your data.

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