Advanced Data Capture: Scanning, Classification and Extraction

Many offices today are flooded with high volumes of data, coming in from countless different sources. It is imperative for modern companies to keep up with data inflow, and to determine a solution that achieves optimal data management. Most companies continue to rely on manual entry to complete their processes, which requires staff and many work hours to complete. Advanced Data Capture is a comprehensive solution that reduces expenses and hassle, while streamlining your data extraction processes. Here’s how Advanced Data Capture converts your data into structured, meaningful information, so you can get the most from your data.

Scanning & Capture: Advanced Data Capture will equip your company with accurate data. It is difficult to achieve accuracy through manual data entry and sorting, and entry errors can quickly become a liability.  Instant access to accurate data will accelerate business functions, providing your team with faster information. Capture can be achieved through several different methods including:

  • OCR– OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a capture method that read machine-printed letters and numbers. This method is best for reading printed documents such as PDFs and word documents.
  • ICR– ICR, or Intelligent Character Recognition, takes OCR a step further with more intensive character recognition. ICR can read handwritten text.
  • Barcode Recognition– Reads and captures barcodes from documents.

InStream will work directly with your team to determine a capture solution that is best suited to your data requirements and workflow processes. Your team will maintain greater control over your data identification and collection processes.

Classification: Advanced Data Capture will classify, sort, index and tag your data. Once your documents are scanned, your data will be instantly searchable. No more sifting through files looking for information. With Advanced Data Capture, company data will be at your fingertips. Scalable data and increased searchability will revamp efficiency resulting in faster turnaround times.

Extraction: Advanced Data Capture extracts numbers, words and barcodes from your files . Once extracted, data can then be instantly deployed into your content management workflow. Captured data is also validated to ensure consistency and accuracy. InStream’s team of experts has extensive experience creating and implementing data management solutions, and will provide your company with both the solution and the software.

Advanced Data Capture will also:

  • Reduce stress on internal company hardware
  • Maintain consistent data security, safeguarding against data breaches
  • Eliminate lost and misfiled data
  • Centralize company data into a single workflow
  • Improve overall efficiency with automated data retrieval and processing

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