AP Automation: Revamping Your Office Productivity

Is your office frequently bogged down with countless invoices that need processing? Do you have to scramble to track down crucial contracts and purchase orders?A streamlined accounts payable process is just what every office needs. Your office can achieve all of its streamlining goals through AP Automation.

The Document Management solution 

AP Automation is the document management solution your office needs. The digital system allows for your office’s AP manager to file invoices, purchase orders and contracts electronically. This means that the entire accounts payable processes are completely streamlined in an electronic format. Automation also includes efficiency-based features within our document scanning and capture application, that allow you to breeze through scanning invoices. You can instantly capture invoice information, allowing you to post data, while archiving invoices for later access.

Save time and money

The magic of AP Automation is that it allows your organization to gain accuracy and efficiency, while eliminating the errors that often occur with manual entry. AP Automation will also save your company time and money. Manual accounts payable processes are time consuming, but automation will allow an AP manager to process 8 times as many invoices. Additionally, the processing costs associated with manual AP entry are substantial, but AP Automation will reduce processing costs by 67%.

New year, new office

Why is AP Automation so crucial for this new year? A streamlined process makes document retrieval a breeze. Say you need to find a contract to go over with a client. An automated AP system will allow you to instantly retrieve the contract on any authorized digital device. AP Automation will improve the flow and health of any AP department, allowing employees to have better control over workflow processes.

If lasy year was hectic for your AP department, then it is definitely time to consider automation for the new year. The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to focus on streamlining your office operations, with cutting edge document management solutions. AP Automation will allow for any office to achieve their cost-savings goals, fostering revamped office productivity and efficiency.



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