Here’s When You Need to Outsource and Automate

Many offices today are still bogged down by roadblocks and workflow  bottlenecks that prevent efficiency and productivity. Despite the current digital landscape, manual processes continue to be the norm in many workplaces. InStream offers a wide array of solutions and services that automate and/or outsource these outdated manual processes. You might be wondering:  when do I know if my office needs to outsource and automate? Here are a few instances:


Seasonal & Cyclical Tasks

Some companies experience sharp increases in workload that occur throughout the year. Your team may experience a spike in workload during the summer or during the holiday season. Sometimes these spikes occur without much notice, so it is crucial for companies to be on top of their workload.  InStream will help your company handle workflow changes.


Rapid Growth

Rapid company growth is a good problem to have. Your office is expanding, revenues are increasing and your team is growing. However, your company doesn’t want to fall behind. Some companies grow at a rate that their existing infrastructure can’t keep up with. Outsourcing during a growth period will ensure that your company maintains continued efficiency and productivity. InStream will do the heavy lifting, so your company can continue to grow.


Insufficient Equipment

If your company lacks the bandwidth required to perform certain tasks, then you are definitely a candidate for outsourcing . InStream has the scanners, hardware, software and other equipment needed to automate your processes.


“Ugly” Forms

If your office is still storing and processing paper documents, you probably have some “ugly” forms.  “Ugly” forms are documents that are a hassle or annoying to processes. HR and AP departments are inundated with such “ugly” forms as they are often time-consuming to process. When outsource  to InStream, we will process and handle all of your “ugly” forms, automating your process.


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