AP Workflow Automation: Empower Your Department

The Accounts Payable department is money center of any office or organization. AP departments are entrusted with keeping track of company expenses, and following the money trail. With so much to keep track of, it is imperative for any AP department to maintain constant document organization. It is also crucial for your AP employees to have constant access and maintain control over AP documents like invoices, vendor forms and checks. If your AP documents are disorganized, or if your employees can’t find documents, then your AP department is the perfect candidate for AP Workflow Automation. Below are a few benefits that AP Workflow Automation will bring to your department, fostering document organization and employee workflow.


Easy Access

All authorized employees can gain access to AP documents from any computer or digital device. This easy access to documents will save your employees time and your company money. You will no longer need to waste time tracking down files.


No More File Cabinets

Digital AP documents will eliminate the need for file cabinets. If you are still manually processing your AP documents, then you probably know that manual storage is inefficient. InStream will streamline your AP documents, converting them into digital documents that can be easily accessed and retrieved. This means that there will no longer be a stack of papers on your desk, and that you won’t have to spend hours looking through file cabinets. You will always know where your files are, as they will be accessible on any computer or authorized digital device.


Easy Compliance

Compliance is difficult to maintain when you manually process your AP documents. With InStream’s AP Workflow Automation, you can set retention dates on all your documents that need to be held for a certain amount of time. AP Workflow Automation will allow you to track your documents, so you won’t be fined for lost or damaged documents. Document tracking will give you the ability to monitor all document activities throughout the document management process.


No More Manual Data Entry

If you are still having your employees manually enter AP data, then you are putting your documents at risk. When you switch to InStream’s AP Workflow Automated system, you will eliminate the need for manual data entry, saving your employees time and your company money.


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