Why Document Management is So Important in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing facilities are constantly weighed down with a constant inflow of paper documents. Such paper documents, including proof of delivery forms, invoices, revision notices and purchase orders are all prevalent throughout the manufacturing process. These documents are essential to the process, as they help to ensure operational efficiency. However, if your manufacturing company is struggling to process paper documents, then you need a solution that will allow you to streamline your files so that they are organized. Below are a few benefits that document management will offer the manufacturing industry.


Gain Control of Your Documents and Processes:

InStream will digitize your manufacturing documents so that they are streamlined and easily accessible. This easy access will give you and your employees greater control over your manufacturing documents. Not sure if an order form has been processed? Log on to any authorized digital device and check instantly.


Secure Files:

If your manufacturing facility is still manually processing paper documents, then your files are not secure. It is very easy for manufacturing documents to become lost or end up in the wrong hands. The threat of lost or stolen documents is even higher in a manufacturing environement. InStream will implement various security measures in your document management solution to ensure that all your manufacturing documents are secure.


Measurable Results:

InStream will not only give you greater control over your processes, but we will also provide your organization with the ability to measure your results. With digital documents, you will be able to know the exact time that a document is routed. You will also be able to measure processing times.


Reduce Errors:

Instant access to your manufacturing documents, will allow you to check for any errors or mistakes. This will allow you to prevent major errors before they happen.


Document Retention:

Specific manufacturing documents may need to be retained for a certain amount of time. If you manually process paper documents, then document retention can be a pain and often isn’t adhered to at all.

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