How InStream Helped a Local Company Overcome Their Manufacturing Inefficiencies

The Manufacturing industry is fast-paced and is constantly changing. Also, manufacturing processes are often complex and require a significant amount of documentation. Revision forms, purchase orders, contracts, work orders and invoices are just a few of the countless documents that flow through a manufacturing facility on a daily basis. All these documents can make organization a hassle, stalling workflow and creating confusion. To address the document management struggles in this industry, InStream has created a document management solution specifically designed for the manufacturing industry. Below is an account of how InStream transformed the document processes of a local manufacturing company:



This Buffalo manufacturing company was dealing with an extremely high-volume of paper documents, that they were struggling to process.  The company had nearly 5200 revision notices a year that they needed to be processed. They also had several pain points that included a high-volume of paper documents, a one hundred percent manual document management process, and no formal process flow.  The company’s document policies also required various approvals throughout the process. Revision notices were also manually assigned, which leaves plenty of room for error throughout the process.



InStream proposed a document management solution that would convert physical forms into digital documents, streamlining the manufacturing process, while revamping communication.  InStream also created a corresponding digital database to store revision notices. Revision notices are now organized by name and classification, and can be accessible by any authorized employee. Revision notices can also be digitally routed to any recipient, meaning that notices are instantly accessible, and that the company no longer wastes time manually sending and receiving notices.  InStream also implemented validation for signatures, tracking measures, and timers for responsive actions. All these components have contributed towards maximizing company productivity, resulting in a reduction of wasted time.



The ease at which the company can now save, send and receive revision notices has revolutionized communication and productivity. The manufacturing process can now move quicker and more efficiently, now that the company no longer has to manually process revision notices. In working with InStream, this manufacturing company achieved their goal of streamlining their manufacturing workflow process.

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