How Scanning Benefits the Healthcare Industry

How Scanning Benefits the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers are inundated with information and data. These institutions must record, analyze, process, update, file, communicate, and secure patient data.  Such information is vital to both providers and patients. Your office needs a solution that will offer streamlined efficiency, allowing your team to provide the best possible care to your patients. Despite our ever-expanding digital landscape, paper filing systems continue to be the standard for many healthcare providers. Here is how losing the filing cabinets and turning to scanning benefits the healthcare industry.

Data Accuracy

Healthcare employees are tasked with manually jotting down patient information and prescriptions. The Healthcare sector is also unique in that there’s typically a high volume of paper documents with doctor’s handwriting on them. Scanning these documents will allow for information to be extracted, and securely stored in an electronic depository. Loose paper documents are prone to data breaches and compromised accuracy. Human error can result in the loss or misfiling of paper forms. InStream’s Scanning solutions will ensure that patient information is accurately stored and can be securely shared between patient and provider.

Choosing the right solutions is critical to your organization’s efficiency, productivity, and overall business success.

Accelerated Processes

Once scanned, document sharing will be instant. Doctors can inform patients of test results, give referrals, update prescriptions, and schedule appointments at the click of a button. The benefits of digitized documents will encompass all aspects of the healthcare office. Patient access, patient finance, legal, human resources, and accounting all experience the benefits of digitized documents. The streamlined workflow between these departments immediately translates to faster results and better customer service.


HIPPA compliance is a struggle for most healthcare offices but can be easily achieved through document scanning.  Your digitized documents will be entered into your existing health information system. InStream’s Scanning solution digitizes all healthcare documents, incorporating admission packets, chart components, EOBs, and even resumes into existing processes. Streamlined document management will lead to increased document security. 

SAM is designed to manage your organization’s data over its lifecycle, without locking you into an expensive and propriety hardware centric infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

All of the previously stated benefits are in addition to the savings provided by document scanning. Reducing the cost of paper, and paper waste will significantly reduce administrative expenses.  Paper files require staff to archive, file, and sort, while storage space is expensive.  InStream’s scanning benefits the healthcare industry by reducing or eliminating these costs, providing your team with a substantial ROI.

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