Data Migration or Software Integration: Which Is Right for You?

Data Migration or Software Integration: Which Is Right for You?

Nearly every business of any size is using at least one software program for storing data and performing essential functions. Whether you’re simply using off-the-shelf software or large-scale software that covers nearly every stage of your business process, InStream can help you streamline your workflow and reduce software bloat through new document management or workflow solutions.

Of course, every company already has existing data. Not to worry! When you update to a new system with InStream, our specialists will review your current software package and requirements, and work with you to determine whether a data migration or software integration is needed for your business’s solution. Learn more about these two services below…

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When Data Migration Is the Solution…

Chances are, you already have some kind of software solution in place. It may be the case that your current software solution isn’t fully serving your needs. Whether your software has become outdated, or your business has simply outgrown your original software solution, InStream has a robust product line that can better serve your growing business’s developing needs.

Whatever the catalyst for change may be, data migration may be a part of the solution package. In performing data migration, InStream will transfer documents or data from your old software platform to your new system. Companies who pair this backfile migration service with the purchase of new document management or workflow solutions may benefit from:

    • Preventing software bloat. InStream can provide a single software solution to clients who are currently using multiple programs to complete certain tasks. Because InStream can migrate data from your old system to your new system, your business won’t have to continue to use or maintain your former software.
    • Having just one system to search through when looking for a file. Instead of searching through two or more platforms for the file or information you’re looking for, you only have to search within one, since all of your data and images are now located inside your new system.
    • Reducing purchase or licensing costs. Consolidating software programs through the purchase of a new tool and the use of InStream’s data migration service can reduce technology expenses.
    • Reducing training. As the number of programs in your company shrinks, so does your need to train employees across multiple platforms.

Data migration following the installation of new software can streamline your business processes. In many cases, InStream uses pre-existing tools to transfer your data from the old platform to the new one. However, if you have avoided updating your software programs in the past because no known transfer solution exists, don’t worry! InStream routinely develops custom solutions to facilitate migrations between software.

Cloud-based software and services help businesses mitigate risk and maximize flexibility, accessibility, and scalability.

When Software Integration Is the Solution…

Of course, there’s not usually a one-size-fits-all software for every business. Many companies rely on multiple software solutions to get the job done. If that’s the case, we’ve got your back! InStream develops custom integrations that make it easy for your various software programs to communicate back and forth with one other.

For example, let’s say you want to use document management software to store invoice images and approve incoming invoices for payment via workflow. However, once the invoice has been approved, its data will need to be copied into your accounting system in order to process the payment. Instead of making you manually copy the data from one program to the other, InStream can create a custom integration that can automatically send approved data to your AP system once it’s done processing in your document management system.

Whatever tasks you need to perform, InStream can create a custom integration that allows for independent software to connect to one another and pass data back and forth as needed. Let each of your system’s strengths be utilized to maximize your business’s overall solution. 

If you have been on the fence about adding more robust document management or workflow solution to your business because you’re concerned about integrating your LOB software or other critical programs, don’t worry! InStream specializes in creating these custom integrations for clients like you, who have unique needs. We’ve got your back! Learn more about system integration.

A Third Way: Combining Data Migration & Software Integration

Finally, it’s worth noting that data migration and software integration are not mutually exclusive. Many InStream clients take advantage of both of these services when adding new software to their business.

InStream can perform data migration to get your company up and running on new document management and workflow systems, and then create a custom software integration to connect that new document management software to another program you’re already using.

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