Benefits of Cloud Computing

Technology has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Filing cabinets and shelves full of binders are going the way of the dinosaur. At the forefront of this digital revolution is cloud computing and the use of cloud servers. For many still, this is a nebulous term maybe heard around the office or mentioned in tech news. In basic terms, cloud computing is the use of a remote network, public or private, to share, manage, store, and process data. The features of cloud computing can be applied to almost every type of business, and the benefits are many.

One of the most obvious benefits of cloud computing is organization. For medical practices, law offices, and accounting firms among many other businesses, searching through records and archives can take hours, sometimes even days. The human capital and opportunity cost of going through papers, folders, and binders can be quite substantial. Tools like keyword search and digital archiving, along with Document management and the use of cloud computing can cut these searches down to seconds.

Keyword search and remote access greatly contribute to another benefit, time management. Unlike an office, cloud servers do not have a closing time. Work is completed any where at any time. . Not only does this increase productivity, it also cultivates collaboration and creativity among coworkers. Ideas can be contributed, edited and reviewed from a tablet or smartphone instantly with remote access. Additionally, this feature can make all the difference in reaction time as damage control is a priority and time is of the essence in crisis mode.

While it’s often overlooked or neglected, security is a vital part of any business. For any office working with sensitive or personal information, confidentiality is paramount. Cloud computing allows administrators to share as much or as little information as they choose; divulging information as necessary. The most powerful tools available to secure your information are data protection and strong encryption and they can be applied easily.

From paper to digital.

Going from paper to digital is a big step for any business. Luckily, it’s a process that is quick and effective. These are but a simple few of the features and benefits involved in cloud computing and the use of cloud servers. With the correct application, and a minimal learning curve, streamlined information can make a massive difference in the operation of a business. Let Biel’s help you today.