Advantages of the Virtual Office

Anyone in an office can testify how easy it is for a workplace to go from clean and serene, to messy and hectic. Desks are cluttered with supplies, there’s a line to use the printer, and people are on the move; it’s frustrating. Many businesses are overcoming these limitations by going digital. Some of the advantages may be obvious, others may come as a pleasant surprise.

But, where do you start?

It’s time to clear up that desk. It’s easy to replace the pile of papers sitting on the corner of the desk, and the maze of files and folders in the drawer. Simple tools like email, external hard drives, and cloud based computing can make a world of difference in that regard. With a virtual office, the trek across the office is no longer necessary when a digital database is at your fingertips. As they say, clear your desk, clear your mind.

It doesn’t end with paper.

Operations costs are the persistent thorn in an office manager’s side. Saving money on paper is a big help, but it’s easy to forget all the paper accessories and equipment that can be replaced as well. Savings can come in the form of pens, paperclips, ink cartridges, mail, staplers, filing cabinets, the list goes on. Digital archiving, remote access, and electronic audit trails can minimize or remove the cost of these accessories. No need to wrestle with that jammed stapler again, there’s a better way.

Speaking of operations costs, how about office equipment? Printers, scanners, fax machines, even mailing rooms take up the limited and precious space of the workplace. The opportunity cost of this equipment taking up so much room will affect the quality and productivity of a business. Transitioning to a cloud server is a quick and easy way to reduce those trips to the printer.

More space sounds good, but the savings don’t stop there. Another cost to consider is maintenance.. When the budget is tight, a business cannot afford to spend the extra money and time needed to fix broken equipment. Going digital not only reduces the need for repairs, it can exponentially lower the rate of degradation and thereby increase the resale value. These savings add up.

For a quick recap, document management services and going digital can save your office money, free up physical space, save time, and increase productivity. These tools are easy to use, and quick to implement into any business. Working hard is a lot easier when you’re working smart. If you have any questions, or would like more information, contact us today.