Going Green

              Reduce, reuse, recycle- the three R’s we have all learned to understand and act upon in our everyday lives. This phrase remains relevant to many situations, but most importantly, your business. How can you implement this phrase within your specific business? When your office reduces  the amount of paper consumed and accumulated in the office, it not only benefits the environment, but your business as well.

Excessive paper consumption is a nation wide problem. School and office environments make up the leading producers of paper products due to constant printing and copying. Additionally, every year more than 300 million tons of paper will be produced worldwide. The fact that school and office environments are the greatest contributors to this statistic is alarming in and of itself, considering the available alternatives these organizations have.

Furthermore, going green, in this case, is associated specifically with going paperless. You are helping the environment.by limiting the amount of paper used in the office on a daily basis. Going paperless is something your business can take pride in and implement throughout your brand image. So, this is a win-win for your company and for the environment.

Use document management to go green.

Teaming up with a document management company like Biel’s will save your business time and money. Next to the three R’s, there are three E’s- economical, environmental, and efficient. Your business will embody these impressive traits by reducing the paper production and consumption in your office. Less paper means less printing and copying, which takes an economical approach to saving funds and an environmental approach to saving trees. Less time devoted to searching for paperwork will increase efficiency throughout the workplace.

Consequently, adopting a document management based software to manage your company’s paper products is an easy step towards going green, for a better and brighter future for your company. For more information, please contact us.

Written By: Olivia Jackson

Content Marketing Intern

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