The Cloud and Your Company

[author][author_info]Written By: Olivia Jackson Content Marketing Intern[/author_info] [/author]
Have you heard of the cloud?

Do you think you know how it operates? Think again. The cloud is more than just an imaginary place where your pictures are uploaded to; it’s a necessary tool for your business.

The cloud is a computer software feature that is able to access your files from anywhere. This type of revolutionizing technology has caused uncertainty among some people. Critics do not trust something to work if they cannot physically see the process. This concept of “seeing is believing” is not a far-fetched one; it is normal for people to want to visualize something in order to understand it.

Consumers are skeptical of the cloud storing their sensitive material in fear it could be lost, or available for public viewing. These misconceptions are causing the benefits of the cloud to be overlooked by false understandings and opportunities are being missed. Which brings us to your business- would you be hesitant to trust this type of software storing your company’s data?

Is it right for your business?

First, you have to understand the cloud in order to comprehend if implementing this type of software is viable for your specific business. The cloud is a physical infrastructure consisting of numerous computer systems, not a giant hard drive in the sky. You don’t have to feel intimidated of going paperless when you hear the word “cloud”.  Instead, familiarize yourself with the benefits of document management and how it could sufficiently help your company. Adopting a paperless office will allow your company to reduce time, save money, and appear more professionally organized.

Small business, or a large corporation, using a document management based software eases the workload and reduces the stress of dealing with an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Organization is key to any successful business, and the cloud makes organization easy. It also removes the worry of dwindling hard drive space on your computers because the network depends on other servers to distribute the capacity.

Together, the cloud and your company can create a powerful team ready to collect and store your important data and documents, efficiently and securely. “The cloud” isn’t just a nonchalant phrase; it could be the missing key to your company’s success. Contact Biel’s today and let us help with any of your cloud questions.