Building Your Best Workflow

What happens after your data is captured with the most up to date OCR and ICR technology? Anything that you want to happen. InStream can take your data and any existing software that you have and provide one cohesive workflow, regardless of your industry. Having a solid workflow process keeps your data organized and up to date. Your business may be in a situation where you either have too many discordant office systems, or you may not have one at all. Either way, InStream will tailor a workflow process to what your needs are.

  1. Compliance- If you are finding that your business is having a hard time maintaining compliance, the solution would be to automate that process. Rather than having to remember (or not remember) what documents can be disposed of and when, a workflow system automatically and safely gets rid of a document that is due for disposal. While getting rid of a record or other file too soon can have consequences, so too can holding on to a file for too long.
  2. AP processes- Processing invoices and other documents manually is costly and time consuming. The process of having an invoice coded, approved, matched, and eventually filed away can take several days, or even more than a week, and the longer it takes, the more it costs. Because coding, matching, approving, and sending are conducted by humans, manual processing is vulnerable to human errors, which can lead to unwanted extra costs to fix those mistakes. When you automate your processes, data capture makes every step of the process nearly flawless. Even if there is a mistake made on an invoice number, for example, the workflow system has the ability to detect those mistakes and send out alerts before the mistake grows.  
  3. HR Onboarding- Human Resource departments handle thousands of contracts, employee records and reviews, timesheets, and other sensitive documents with compliance standards. Because these documents contain sensitive material, it is vital that they are protected, but also easy to access within a few minutes. InStream can provide a solution that allows you to store your documents and records digitally, which not only means that they are safe from data breaches, but that multiple people can access one document at the same time without having to unfile the original.
  4. Survey Processing- If your business largely works from customer or client surveys, or if you are involved in government and need to process census surveys, InStream allows you to obtain that data more quickly than ever before. With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), customer feedback, market research, and other data can be extracted quickly and correctly to provide you with immediate feedback.

InStream can provide your business with whatever you need to kickstart your best performance and eliminate any clunkiness in your business processes. The data that is extracted is delivered quickly and accurately, allowing you to utilize it immediately and with confidence.

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