How Will Document Scanning Help Your Organization?

While it may seem daunting to have all of your documents scanned and digitized, the process is simple, and the benefits will be immediate. If you’re finding that handling paper documents is disrupting how your business operates, document scanning is the perfect solution.

Most companies have at least one room that is stacked with boxes or filing cabinets full of files, and in addition to that, there are probably multiple filing cabinets scattered throughout the office. Not only are these cumbersome, but they most likely make it difficult to find the correct file in an efficient way. The longer it takes to find a file, the less time you have to spend on other, more important tasks. When you scan and digitize your documents, each and every file can be stored in either the digital cloud, or on a disk or flash drive. With just a simple keyword search, any document can be found with just a few clicks, allowing you to focus on the important things.

Document scanning is also one of the few services that pays for itself. Rather than having to pay for document storage in an off-site warehouse, with InStream, you can store all of your files onsite with easy access. Digitization also allows your company to save big when it comes to processing due to increased efficiency and quicker overall processing. For example, paper invoice processing involves mailing, matching, approval, and other manual work that can take days or even weeks. With each passing day, your company is losing more and more money, and as the amount of paper coming in to be processed increases, you may need to hire more staff, costing you even more. When you scan your files, InStream makes it simple to implement them into a workflow system that makes tedious processes like invoice processing much more efficient. Because the software and systems offered are scalable, you won’t have to hire new staff regardless of increases in incoming paper.

Another huge benefit of document scanning is security. Even if your files are locked away in a filing cabinet, they are susceptible to prying eyes, or even may be accidently taken home or viewed by an employee. Worse still, if a sudden flood, fire, or other natural disaster were to strike your company location, your valuable employee records, bills, invoices, contracts, and more would be irrevocably destroyed and recovery would be extremely difficult. Because you can store all of your files digitally, they are safe from both physical harm and data breaches.

Handling paper documents in workflow or storage situations is cumbersome, inconvenient, and just generally not an efficient way to run your business. Even if you have thousands of documents that need to be backfile scanned, InStream can take those and turn them into a productive source of information and organization- what documents are meant to be. You’ll save time, money, and space while being able to work more efficiently than ever before.

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