Efficiency Starts with Document Scanning

Something as simple as having your important documents scanned and digitized can change how you run your business for good. While scanning all of your documents may not sound simple, InStream can do the hard work for you, setting you up for a future of efficiency, savings, and a generally better business. Combining scanners, capture software, and Enterprise Content Management to handle your documents is the best thing you can do for your business’s productivity.

Document Scanners: With a large range of Kodak, Canon, and Fujitsu scanners available from InStream, you can be sure that there is a perfect solution for your business to begin the process. Based on the volume of documents you wish to scan, your office environment, and your industry, we can recommend the perfect scanner to optimize your processes. With each scanner offering incredible image quality and processing speed, you can’t go wrong.

Data capture software: Data capture is the next step after document scanning. Using one of many software options, document capture does two things: it classifies, or names the document type, and it extracts the data, lifting keywords off of a page and making it ready to be used for later processing opportunities. This software can capture both structured (well defined data with a searchable structure) and unstructured data (emails, videos, audio files, etc.), allowing you to use whatever information you need to better your business processes. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can capture typed characters, while ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology can capture handwritten characters and other less structured information.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management): ECMs take the information gathered from scanning and data capture and put it into action. Once the data has been captured and organized, you can apply your business rules and policies to the content management system, allowing you to use the information in whatever way you see fit. Data can be effectively stored in the digital cloud or in your computer, and it can be easily accessed with a simple keyword search, allowing the record to be accessed at a moment’s notice. Your scanned data can also be put into a workflow, perfect for AP processing or other document-heavy business operations within your company. In short, ECMs take the processed data and organize it according to your ideal structure.

Document scanning is just the beginning of the possibilities offered by digitization of your important files. With top notch scanners, data capture software, and ECMs, InStream can offer your business the ultimate custom solution. The three combined processes make for incredible organization, efficiency, and timeliness within your business.

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