The Power of Production Scanners

Scanning your documents is the very first step in the digitization process, and it sets the tone for every other process after that. The type of scanner and the quality of the images it produces are vital to your consequent workflow or document management system. At InStream, we carry the full line of document scanners from Kodak, Canon, and Fujitsu to ensure that we find the perfect scanner for your business’s needs, beyond the volume of paper that is coming in. We strive to understand your business on the most detailed level to find the perfect scanning solution for you.

Kodak is a brand that has always been trusted to provide the highest quality image, and that extends to your scanned documents, as well. Kodak documents come in three varieties, each designed to suit any kind of company environment:

  • Desktop scanners- these are designed for medium sized businesses and provide a convenient, one-button capture feature that results in easy, high quality scanning. It can also easily integrate with your own system, making the processes that come after document scanning, seamless.
  • Departmental scanners- these scanners are perfect for busy, high volume environments. Departmental scanners can scan up to 25,000 documents in a day, and have built-in barcode readers to help index your documents after they are scanned. It also has Document Protection Technology that alerts you of any issues during the scanning process.
  • Production scanners- designed to work on a large scale, production scanners are made to handle a large amount of incoming documents. Because you have control over pre and post-processing, you save big, and some models can even sort pages to save you valuable time.

Canon is also a well-known brand that provides flexible configuration, high quality color capabilities, and more. Canon’s DR-series scanners are designed to process a large number of documents, and can scan up to 100 documents per minute. Documents of any size or thickness can be scanned, from business cards to ledger sized paper. While it features a 500 page automatic document feeder, it also has technology that helps prevent double feeds by alerting you immediately. These scanners are also highly customizable, featuring user-programmable buttons and scanner settings that give you control over scanner operations.

Fujitsu scanners are known for being able to produce high quality images quickly and efficiently, and like Kodak, Fujitsu offers workgroup, departmental, and high volume production scanners to fit your needs perfectly. Because Fujitsu easily integrates with over 200 document imaging applications, what you do with your scanned documents and the number of documents that you are handling is entirely up to you.

Scanning your documents is just the first step of making your business run more efficiently than ever. With the range of scanners and their variety of capabilities, the perfect scanning solution is just a few steps away. Choosing the perfect scanner opens up a world of new possibilities where your documents are concerned.


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