Large Format Document Scanning

Moving Forward with Large Format Scanning Services

Scanning your documents with InStream doesn’t mean that you are limited to your standard sized and formatted papers. InStream has years of experience with large format scanning, using only the best technology to make including those more unusual documents easy and efficient.

Need Large Format Scanning Services by a Trusted Provider?

InStream uses Contex, the world’s largest developer and producer of  large, or wide, format scanning, to scan anything from architectural and engineering plans to old books. Contex scanners were designed for high productivity scanning operations, so not only can we scan your larger documents, but we can do it quickly, enabling you to get your workflow started.

Why Large Format Scanning Capabilities Matter

Our main focus is to obtain for your company the highest return on investment that we can. You’ll save major costs on printing and mailing, and you’ll also save where your workflow is concerned. Once your documents are scanned, they can be uploaded into a cloud solution, which allows them to be immediately shared without printing and with minimal effort. Because we use top-notch scanners, you can always rely on the image quality, giving you the clearest picture on the market.

Once the images are scanned, what you do with them is up to you. If you are just looking to archive a blueprint or plan, InStream offers many storage solutions that will preserve important documents for years to come. With the various options that InStream offers for document storage, you are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly. Besides the fact that your files are preserved, digitizing them makes them accessible for permitted use and access without having to dig through years worth of papers.

No Scanning Limits

InStream is equipped to scan any sized document for any industry. We have locations in every U.S. time zone. Using the highest quality scanners and imaging technology, we can transform an architectural blueprint, engineering plan, or map into a clear digital image that can be immediately integrated into a workflow, or just preserved digitally. Don’t let larger documents deter you from digitization- let us use our extensive experience to make your job easier.