Scan-to-Zero with InStream

If your business is growing, so is the number of paper documents that you handle every day. Since there are only so many filing cabinets that can be bought and filled, another solution is in order. At Instream, we can take those unwieldy filing cabinets and boxes and digitize each and every one until every document is scanned to zero.

Paper documents can be stored in two ways: either they are piled in boxes and filing cabinets in a room in the office, or you pay an arm and a leg to store them in a warehouse off-site. Both options are neither efficient or cost effective. Worse still, if someone needs a certain document to complete their work, finding said file could take valuable time out of the work day and delay any other kind of work that needs to be done. In any kind of workflow process, having the correct documents at hand is crucial. Trying to find paper documents to match an invoice with a purchase order, for example, can be challenging and time consuming, and you may not even find the document that you need. Any delays or misplaced files can cause bottlenecks, costing your company valuable time and effort.

When you digitize your documents with Instream, we can offer you a custom solution to make your workflows easier and more efficient than ever. With our intuitive mailroom feature, we receive every piece of mail that would normally come to your office, and we scan it as soon as it is received. This way, the information is in the system from the very start, making storage and workflows effortless. There is no more need to pay for storage, and every single document needed to complete a workflow can be accessed with a simple keyword search.

The results of scanning your documents to zero speaks for itself. Your business will never have to deal with workflow bottlenecks, late payments, or wasting valuable time finding that one piece of paper to complete a task. When your business’s organization is better, your performance is better, and more efficient processes mean major savings. It’s never too late for your business to scan documents either- no matter how many paper documents you have stored in boxes or filing cabinets, Instream will scan each and every one until there isn’t a single piece of paper left. Revolutionize how your business runs today with Instream.

Start the Scan-to-Zero process today, Contact InStream.

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