Why Data Capture? Eliminate Processing Errors

As your business grows, you may be realizing that manually entering invoice or other data simply isn’t a viable option anymore. Processing a large amount of invoices requires heavy staff, hours or days of entering information, and a big budget. Not only does it take time and money, but the information becomes extremely prone to human error. It’s expected and understandable that after spending hours plugging in numbers and letters that staff will lose focus, but one slip up can cost your business big, especially in the later stages of the process.

Advanced data capture with InStream is the ultimate solution for your business. We use the latest data capture technology that utilizes both OCR and ICR to gather data from any kind of document. OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition, gathers data from a typed print document and converts it into editable, searchable data. ICR performs the same task, but can recognize handwritten characters, expanding even further the scope of data capture. Both OCR and ICR programs work by analyzing the structure of a document, sectioning the page by text blocks, charts, etc., and then dividing those lines into words, and finally, characters. Based on what is captured, the program comes up with possibilities as to what these characters say, based on sets of pattern images. What results from this analysis is what is put forth to you as captured data.

Because data capture technology is advancing each and every day, the rate of accuracy of the data coming out of the program is incredibly high- much higher than data processed by hand. Regardless of whether this information is being used for AP processing, employee or patient records, invoices, or workflows, accurate information is key to running a business smoothly. Having that information makes for painless audits, easy HR onboarding, and efficient invoice processing, regardless of industry.

Saving money overall is just another one of the many benefits of data capture. Not only do you no longer have to pay for employees to enter information, but that energy that went towards entering the data can be focused on other areas of the company that may need improvement. Most importantly, you don’t have to pay in cash or in credibility for errors made during manual data processing. InStream provides data capture solutions that are just right for your company, allowing you to grow your business without hesitation and without concern for how incoming information will be handled. Call InStream today to discuss what is best for your growing company!