Data Entry Automation Made Easy: Say “Hello” to Electronic Forms.

The 21st Century Office Solution

E-form software is the latest and greatest tool available for streamlining data entry processes and boosting efficiency and productivity. Electronic forms or E-forms are paperless digital forms that digitize the creation, completion, and distribution of any transferable document. Converting paper to electronic forms enables the entry and collection of raw data like any paper form, with the added accessibility of web pages, mobile devices, portals, software applications and more. By intelligently sharing data with your business systems, manual data entry is minimized, data accuracy is increased, and processing time is reduced.


Revamped Efficiency

Paper-based manual entry forms are still commonplace in most offices. They are expensive, difficult to distribute, and drive up operational costs. This encompasses costs from the paper itself, office supplies, transport and distribution, even the maintenance cost of equipment which degrades over time. As these expenses continue to accrue, they slow down communication processes and damage the environment with needless waste. For those looking to escape the cycle and improve productivity: look to electronic forms software.


A Solution for Any Industry

Whether it’s for a law office, healthcare provider, or a small business, data accuracy is extremely important. Simple mistakes can transform into crucial errors, costing a lot of money and even damaging a business’ reputation. Similarly, paper forms are lost, damaged, or compromised by human error. Utilizing e-forms is a great safe guard against these avoidable catastrophes. Easily create standards-based forms using intuitive design tools. This ensures all necessary data is validated and accurate before submission. Furthermore, share e-forms instantly between departments and providers to minimize risk.

Instant communication and access to information can revolutionize the way an organization operates. Doctors can provide test results, quotes can be delivered to potential clients, and financing can be approved, all in an instant. Additionally, electronic forms software can be quite flexible in this regard as well. Users can submit text, document files, scanned images, and even electronic signatures. This is all  accomplished online or offline with common devices such as smartphones or tablets. E-forms make sharing data with users extremely convenient, and expedite business processes within any business.

The shift from paper forms to electronic forms is a simple process. Paper forms can easily convert into electronic replicas, while keeping their original structure. Build e-forms using common web design technologies like HTML and CSS. Design forms once and use them anywhere from websites, to mobile devices, to intranets.

Converting paper to electronic forms and utilizing data entry automation is a simple and easy way to boost productivity in any modern business.


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