End of the Year Workflow Checklist: Some Things to Consider

The end of the year is the perfect time to take inventory of your business process, so you can determine if your office is achieving a healthy workflow. Below are some good questions to ask yourself, so you can assess the current state of your business processes.

How are your turnaround times?

Do some office tasks take forever to complete? Does your team struggle to meet certain deadlines? If either of these questions rings true, then your team needs a solution that will slash turnaround times and increase productivity. Most offices strive to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. Reducing turnaround times is a great goal to have for 2018, and this can be achieved through outsourced business processes. BPO with InStream will allow a team of experts to customize to build a custom solution that is suited to your specific office needs, so that your team can gain maximum workflow efficiency in 2018.

Do you find that your office struggles to complete seemingly routine business processes?

Many offices waste a lot of time trying to perform business processes that could be completed much faster by an outside firm. In the business world time is money, and there are only so many hours in a work day to devote to performing mundane tasks. Outsourcing difficult business processes will allow your office to redirect focus towards key functions, allowing you and your team to do what you do best. Additionally, outsourcing will allow your tasks to be performed by industry experts, so your office can experience revamped productivity and an increased ROI for 2018 and beyond.

Is your team bogged down by laborious business tasks that waste time and money?

There’s nothing more frustrating than being forced to perform business tasks that you neither have the time, nor expertise to complete. Offices worldwide are often burdened with mundane tasks that are frustrating to perform. When your office isn’t equipped or qualified to perform a certain business task, this can lead to errors and frustration. Such errors begin to add up, and can lead to wasted time and various costs for your company. Therefore, your office needs a solution that efficiently completes such processes, eliminating errors and freeing up precious time.

How long does it take to route documents?

Does it take too long to send documents to another department or office? Are projects slowed down due to frequent routing delays? Your office needs a solution that instantly routes important documents to any authorized employee. One solution is a virtual mailroom, which centralizes and digitizes all of your company mail documents, allowing them to be instantly routed to any authorized recipient. Information can be instantly delivered, eliminating waiting times, while speeding up project completion.

How organized is your office?

As 2017 wraps up, it is crucial to gage the efficiency of your office’s current processes. Determine which business processes you perform successfully, and which processes cause struggle. Are your office documents centralized? Are there lags? Asking these important questions is the first step towards achieving optimal efficiency and productivity in 2018.

Are you focusing on key functions?

Is your office focusing on you core strengths? While your office may strive to complete all tasks internally, there are probably some tasks you are burdened with that don’t necessarily lead to profits. Outsourcing various business processes will empower your team to focus on core strengths and key functions that will lead to company growth and increased profits.

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