Why You Should Start The Document Conversion Process

A Painless Conversion Process

The paperless office is an inevitable future. Whether your office is already paperless or not, the advantages of digital databases, cloud computing, and remote access are clear. Increased productivity, instant communication, working wherever and whenever are all benefits to the workplace transition taking place in 2020. However, the conversion process has been labeled as difficult and time-consuming. This is a common misconception.

Let’s dispel some of the myths and see how quick and easy the process can be.

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A big part of the document and data conversion process begins with scanning. Scanning digital images of paper documents apply to so much more than just your average printer paper. Companies can apply document conversion to financial records, catalogs, engineering drawings, and any other vital business records.

InStream’s conversion laboratory was designed specifically for document and data conversion processes. Highly skilled technicians create over 2 million images every month. High-speed document scanners, wide format scanners, check scanners, desktop/mobile scanners, and microfilm readers/scanners are just a few of the tools utilized in document conversion.

How To Know Its Time to Say Good-bye to Paper

Document Management

Document management systems are the cornerstone of content management. Establishing a document management system (DMS) gives you the control to access your information instantly, streamline workflow, and integrate with other office applications. Treks across the office park have turned into remote access. Time wasted searching through filing cabinets has turned into keyword searches, taking only seconds. Furthermore, you have the option to manage your own electronic document management server, rather than renting server capacity.


As with any sensitive or confidential information, security is a serious concern. Numerous security measures are available to ensure the safety of your information. Password protection and encryption are simple solutions to maintain the privacy of cloud databases. These services can protect your digital information, but what about theft, and natural disasters? For the utmost security of documents, InStream offers a class “A” temperature and humidity controlled vault, a secure place for important files, microfilm, or electronic data. This covers both physical and digital.

Converting your documents is so much simpler than it sounds. With the team and tools provided by InStream, the process is quick, easy, and the results are noticeable.

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