When You Know You Need an HR Solution

The HR Department is often the cornerstone of any workplace. Human Resources takes care of company employees, handling a wide array of employee documents including time sheets and requests. You might be wondering if it is the right time for your HR department to implement a document management solution? Below are some instances in which you know you need an HR Solution.

Your employee records are all over the place

Don’t let your HR department stay buried under a pile of papers. Most HR Departments deal with a high-volume of paper documents that include resumes, job applications, time sheets, evaluations and government documents. In addition, an HR Solution will allow your department to centralize all employee documents into a single, digital location.  Keep all HR documents in one place. As a result there is no more scrambling through shelves and file cabinets, wondering where that file is.

You have no control over your processes

Prevent your processes from frequently being hindered by lost documents. Does your department often struggle to keep up with compliance and regulations? HR Solutions allow you to customize the solution that will best serve your process. Most HR offices are required to retain documents for a set amount of time, and HR Solutions will allow you to define your own retention periods for company documents. Also, your office will be able to easily comply with regulations and document standards.

You struggle to maintain consistency

Errors are frustrating for any business. Consistency and reliability are two qualities that most offices and departments strive for. With so many documents, the HR department needs to be at the top of its game. As a result, HR Solutions will allow your department to greatly reduce, or eliminate the threat of errors or lost documents.

It takes forever to send and receive documents

Waiting for a specific document to be delivered can be frustrating. In today’s digital world, we want instant information, so documents need to be sent and received quickly. HR Solutions will allow your department to seamlessly send and receive documents. When you need to send a form to an employee, it is as easy as a click of a button.

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