HR eForms: Why You Need Them

The HR office is often the backbone of any company. Known as the “people center,” the HR team is responsible for ensure every resume, job application, time sheet and benefit form must be processed and stored.These documents, which are sent to others for review and approval, can sometimes get lost or delayed in the workflow shuffle. Your HR department needs a workflow automation solution that manages all of your important documents processes. InStream’s HR eForms solutions will revamp the efficiency and productivity of your department. Here’s what you gain:

Easier Processes with Reduced Cycle Times: Whether its on-boarding, performance evaluations or termination, the HR department is required to perform a number of different employee processes that are critical to office operations. When using paper documents, these processes can be laborious and time-consuming. InStream’s eForm solutions allow these processes to be seamlessly completed with instantly routed digital documents. These documents can then be stored in a secure, centralized digital location.

Track your Documents:  InStream’s eForm solutions include many features and control settings that allow you to monitor the routing of your documents. These settings will let you know if certain documents have been approved, or if you need to follow up. This means your team will no longer have to endlessly wait for approvals and deliveries.

Enhanced Information Sharing: Nothing is more frustrating than having to send documents to other departments in the office. Sharing paper files throughout the office can lead to document loss or damage, and doesn’t contribute to efficiency and organization. InStream’s eForm solutions allow HR documents to be instantly routed to any authorized recipient. These documents are then available for instant access, by any authorized employee.

Support Compliance: More than any other department, HR deals with the most sensitive of company documents. With cyber threats continuously on the rise, your department needs a solution that contains comprehensive security measures. You also need a solution that supports the various compliance regulations that HR departments are subject to. InStream’s HR eForm solutions will implement controls allowing your department to maintain compliance.

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