How Healthy Is Your AP Process?

It’s still the beginning of the New Year and it’s time to talk about your health. I’m not talking about how often you are going to the gym or what kind of breakfast you should be eating; I’m talking about the health of your AP Process. If your AP department is still using a paper based system, then you need to start hitting up the document management gym and get your process to a “healthier” state.

AP automation will lower manual labor… costs.
If you are still using a paper-based AP system, you are giving your employees a tough workout, and it’s tiring out your employees as well as your organization’s wallet. When you switch to an automated system, you are minimizing time-consuming tasks like sorting through paper and data entry. Because labor generally represents two-thirds of the costs of running financial processes, you will save a significant amount.

AP automation will give you a break from tough ‘work’ outs.
Automated workflow means that the time you would spend processing hardcopies can be redirected to something else (maybe the actual gym) and increase your productivity.  Instead of handling all that paper, you will be able to spend your time accomplishing the tasks that you’ve been meaning to get to or even improving those that you do every day.

Lose the data entry weight.
With an automated AP system, you will be able to drastically reduce errors and issues that can be caused by manual, paper-based systems.  Automation will also track who did what, where and when for each step in the process. It not only improves quality of the data entry but also allows the managers to monitor and respond to all the activities during the process.

Get Started!
Automating a process can appear to be challenging but with the right system for you, it can be done well and improve speed, efficiency as well as reduce costs. If your AP process isn’t as healthy as it could be, join us next Thursday for a free webinar all about AP Automation. Click Here to register as seats are limited!