A Document Management Solution for Every Industry

Businesses big or small can benefit from document management solutions. However, certain industries find having a document management system in place an operational necessity. Listed below are the many industries in which we service that find electronic document management a key component to their operations.


Whether on a county or state level, all governments can benefit from document management solutions. In this particular industry many paper documents need to be digitized to be later retrieved from a database. Old documents can be scanned and converted for online storage or to be transferred to microfilm for backup.

Schools, Universities and Libraries

Educational institutions handle everything from books and class schedules to financial paperwork and curriculum. Having an automated data entry system, like AnyDoc, allows for the processing of nearly any document. This automation can boost productivity in every department by 400% compared to manual data entry.

Law Enforcement and Fire Departments

Electronic databases are crucial to how information flows through these types of industries. For example: for many police departments budgeting is tight and the last thing that may be on the to do list is to invest in internal storage servers. With cloud storage you can securely store documents in the cloud, without the stresses of knowing how much storage space you need. Because with cloud storage you only pay for what you use.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Healthcare institutions have many needs for document management systems. Patient history and financial records, diagnostic test reports and x-rays. This information is vital and needs to be secured. Also, HIPPA compliance is a key issue that is resolved with the use of digital document management. With a Biel’s solution – admission packets, chart components, EOBs and even resumes can be digitized and incorporated into your existing processes.


Nearly every industry can benefit from at least one document management solution. If you’re looking to increase productivity, security or your bottom line as well as move into the digital age then check out what Biel’s has to offer on our Website or by Liking  our Biel’s Facebook page.