What is Intelligent Information Management?

Developments in technology have not only resulted in changes to the ways that we live, work, and socialize, but also have provided us with brand new terminology to learn. One term you may come across if you have an interest in technology is intelligent information management.

Intelligent information management, which can also be abbreviated to IIM, is a term recently created by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). The concept was formerly referred to by AIIM as enterprise content management.

IIM is an umbrella term covering systems for document management, workflow management, records management, data conversion, and much more. Using IIM enables organizations to efficiently collect, organize, manage, convert, and understand all types of data. Because the rapid growth of big data has become too complex to use traditional data management software, IIM can help make large collections of data in different formats more manageable.

One way to think of intelligent information management is the intersection point of data and content management. Using an intelligent information management system is like going to a one stop shop where you can manage every type of data and content in your organization. The broadness of IIM applications is what make them so unique and useful in almost any industry you can think of.

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