The Lowdown on SharePoint Document Management: PSIcapture Benefits

SharePoint is becoming an increasingly prevalent document management solution in offices worldwide. While certainly helpful, data migration into SharePoint systems can be a hassle. Psigen’s PSIcapture is a SharePoint document solution that allow users to efficiently capture documents, extract data, and seamlessly deliver information to appropriate SharePoint depositories. Data migration will be streamlined. PSIcapture offers a number of data management benefits including:



PSIcapture features several security measures to ensure authentication. These options include: ADFS, NTLM web services and Forms-Based Authentication. PSIcapture also includes a Mixed Mode authentication option, allowing for multiple ways of connecting. Such security measures will ensure document and data security, protecting your information from ending up in the wrong hands.


Direct Importation into SharePoint

It can be a hassle to import documents into a document management system. PSIcapture streamlines the importing process, directly importing your data into SharePoint. PSIcapture  also allows users to scan documents from any network scanning device, dedicated scanner, or MFP. It can also connect to fax servers, network folders and SharePoint WebDAV folders for easy document import.


Easy PDF Creation

Once your documents are in PSIcapture, you can instantly create PDF documents. With simple PDF Creation, documents can be easily routed to other employees. You can also automatically publish captured documents into the appropriate library or depository. Streamlined PDF creation will allow your organization will achieve optimal organization.


Simple Data Extraction

Manual data extraction is a time-consuming process. Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly capture important data from your documents? PSIcapture features automatic data extraction features, so you and your team can make faster and smarter business decisions.



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