When You Know You Need Project Scope Management

Project scope management is an excellent tool that is essential in ensuring that a project runs smoothly. For many project managers, it can be difficult to translate the vision of a project into a tangible plan that can be easily followed. Below are some instances in which you know you need project scoping:


You Have a “Play-It-By-Ear” Approach to Projects

If your plan for your project is to “play-it-by-ear” without a comprehensive plan, then you are NOT efficiently planning your project. Project scoping will not only provide you with a timeline, but it will also let you identify pressure points or various aspects of a project that may require special attention. This will better prepare you and your team for any possible bumps in the road.


Your Projects Always End Up Costing More Than Expected

Have you ever found yourself in a middle of a project, wondering how expenses got so out of hand? If your project plan doesn’t provide a detailed list of tasks, then it will be very difficult to come up with cost estimates. When you don’t estimate project costs at the beginning of a project, it will become very easy for expenses to rise, potentially costing your company a fortune. Scope management will define all aspects of the project budget, so that expenses don’t continue to rise.


Your Projects Always Turn Into Bigger Projects

Nothing is more frustrating than when your project ends up turning into a much bigger project. If you don’t have a clear objective of what your project needs to accomplish, then your project could potentially become much larger than originally expected. Scope management allows you to determine a clear set of deliverables and objectives. This will save you from discovering that you need to add on to a project.


You Struggle to Maintain Control Over Your Projects

Almost every project will have some hurdles along the way. Plans might change and you need to be prepared to manage accordingly. However, if you as project manager are finding that the majority of your projects tend to get out of hand, then you need to start practicing project scoping. Project scoping allows you to identify limitations early on, which will save you time and money as the project progresses. It is also critical to delegate responsibilities so that all project participants understand their role in the project.   


If any of these instances sound familiar, then project scope management is the solution your company needs. To learn more about project scoping, and its benefits contact InStream today.