Tips to Avoid “Scope Creep”

If you are a project manager with a lot of project planning experience, then you have probably experienced the scourge of what is known as “Scope Creep.” Scope creep refers to any changes or uncontrolled growth in a project’s scope, at any point after the project starts. So scope creep occurs anytime your project becomes larger than originally anticipated. After scope creep occurs, it can be very difficult to recover, as it is very hard to reign in inflated costs and expanded projects. Therefore, it is crucial for any organization to avoid scope creep at all costs. Below are some tips on how to keep scope creep from derailing your project:


Have Realistic Goals

Part of having realistic goals is to ensure that your project plans don’t get inflated with loftier aspirations. In order to have realistic goals, you should have a clear understanding of your priorities and the main goal of your project. Ask yourself: what are you trying to achieve with your project? You should avoid any tasks that don’t contribute directly to the completion of your project, which could take away from the original purpose of the project. You also want to operate on a realistic timeline, so that your project isn’t rushed and so you can create an appropriate budget that corresponds with your timeline.


Estimate the Complexity of the Project

What does your project need to encompass? How many employees are going to be contributing to your project? What potential roadblock could arise during the project? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when determining the complexity of your project. Estimating project complexity will better prepare you for any unforeseen difficulties that may arise after a project begins.


Take Control

One of the best ways to avoid scope creep is to take total control of your project from day one. Now this may sound like an easy task, but if you don’t delegate roles and responsibilities, then a project can become quickly disorganized. It is important to maintain constant control over your project.


Employ Project Scope Management

The only way to completely avoid scope creep is to employ project scope management. Project scoping allows you to clearly define your deliverables and objectives, so that your project remains on-track and organized. Project scoping takes into account all of the tips described above.

InStream has extensive experience with project scoping, and will help your company to achieve all of your project planning goals.


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