Real Benefits Of Digital Reel

Although microfilm and microfiche are both still relatively up to date, take up far less room than traditional paper documents, and have other benefits that make them a somewhat viable archiving option, they are still in physical form. This means that they will always have risks of inevitable dangers like theft, physical damage, and catastrophes, such as flooding and fires, which would render them useless.

So what’s the solution? To avoid potential document deterioration disasters, Digital Reel is a complete microfilm conversion solution that converts microfilm to virtual, digital microfilm rolls. The conversion creates a digital replica of the entirety of your original microfilm or microfiche. The Digital Reel microfilm conversion solution includes a software application that emulates microfilm retrieval from a reader printer. Users retrieve virtual microfilm rolls from a PC workstation, avoiding the hassles that come with physical microfilm and legacy reader printers. 

The 5 benefits that make Digital Reel unique are:

1. Affordability: Digital Reel is priced 50 percent less than standard microfilm conversion methods and can be done to any portion of your documents, making it ideal for infrequently accessed, yet necessary microfilm archives.

2. Microfilm Conversion Accuracy: Digital Reel is able to convert­ microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards with near-perfect accuracy because the entire microfilm roll or microfiche is converted and no images or details are lost, digitally preserving your information exactly as it appeared in its physical state.

3. Image Quality: Adjustable grayscale is included, enabling users to optimize the quality of tough-to-read documents or images, allowing them to be used for web content. In addition, designated information can be hidden or removed from public files, if so desired.

4. Easy Document Retrieval: Digital Reel combines full-text searching capabilities with the utilization of your existing indexing methodology to enable users to quickly find information. There are multiple indexing methodologies supported by Digital Reel, which can be used in combination with another, to organize information in the most appropriate way.

5. Your Choice of Conversion Method: Biel’s, an InStream company, can convert your documents in our facilities or through the Cloud. Both options guarantee secure and private storage for your information.