The Secrets To Staying Productive.

Depending on the job, not many offices see much down time throughout the day. Since these precious moments are so rare, many of us have entirely no clue what to do when all work seems to be complete and there are still 3 hours left to kill.

Here are a few ways to stay productive while still on the clock!


Organize Your Workspace.
Since this is probably the first time in a while that you’ve seen any leisure time at work, your desk area may be in serious need of a little TLC. Organized clutter isn’t always a bad thing, but the keyword here is organized. Knowing where the items in and on your desk are can show itself very important during busier days in the office. The post-it note with your boss’s message from his mother-in-law may be at the bottom of your list Friday evening, but being able to present it when asked Monday morning, without hesitation, can mean way less stress for you! So, take a few moments during this time to organize your work area, making sure you have ample knowledge of where everything is. You will thank yourself later.


Enhance Your Skills.
As a professional in whatever field you may be in, you have gained the skill and experience required in order to call yourself just that. Your accomplishments have been endless lately and you’ve found yourself being able to complete certain steps within your job while asleep! Now, while this may all be true, there is always room for improvement. Improvement doesn’t mean that your work itself needs ‘work’. It could mean improving typing skills for personal use, improving your vocabulary by reading a few pages from the thesaurus, or even public speaking skills by reading aloud to yourself, if your office space permits such activities. Your skills aren’t limited to those only work related, they are all your talents and abilities. Own them!


Check Your Email.
There are times when our FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) actually goes missing itself, and along with it, so does the urgency to open all 238 unread emails. Whether they are email invites to lunch (from last month of course), or soliciting retail coupons, the desire, sometimes, may not be there. This down time is a perfect opportunity to catch up on all that you’ve missed going on in your inbox. Starting fresh, with new and updated emails can also keep you organized and on top of current event.


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