Reclaiming Your Office Space: What Would You Do With More Space?


Have you ever taken a moment to consider the physical layout of your office? Is there space you could be using, but aren’t?  Does your current office layout provide the best workflow efficiency for your team? Every week Monday through Friday, employees arrive at the office and sit at their desk to work. However, most employees rarely take notice of the paper clutter that clogs the office.

Document Scanning will digitize your mountains of paper documents so you can finally free up space in your office. You can utilize your reclaimed space, allowing your office to be used to its full potential, while increasing the security and accessibility of your paper documents. Some offices have several rooms devoted to document storage, meaning that reclaimed office space is even more valuable for companies with high volumes of paper documents.

Here are just a few of many things that can be done with extra space around the office.

Additional Offices: It’s common for offices to relocate due to expansion. However, if you can make more room in your existing office, not only will its operations be more fluid, but you can bring more people into your office, saving all costs associated with relocation.

A Bigger Office: Yes, a bigger office. Perhaps you’re ready to graduate out of that cubical you’ve been hiding in for the past couple of years. Freed-up space would allow many more people to have their own office and a little more breathing room to get work done.

Specialty Rooms: Conference and meeting rooms are crucial in any office setting. Whether you need a comfortable room to meet with clients, or you would like more room to collaborate with your colleagues. An extra room would allow for better communication, better presentations, and when it comes to the bottom line, better profits.

Break Rooms: Office culture is rapidly becoming a crucial decision factor for both current and prospective employees. Adding a break room or lounge would increase the appeal of any office and in return employees would be much happier at work.

Increasing office space through Document Scanning, allows your company to expand, increase efficiency, and increase revenue.

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