Rethink Ransomware Protection with SAM

What is Secure Archive Manager (SAM)?

Secure Archive Manager (SAM) is a transformative virtual file system solution that enables IT organizations to provide secure, flexible and efficient long-term archiving capabilities for all storage types:  traditional, cloud and object. SAM is designed to manage your organization’s data over its lifecycle, without locking you into an expensive and propriety hardware centric infrastructure.

Responding to Ransomware with Secure Archive Manager (SAM)

How SAM Defends Your Company Data

SAM protects your digital assets from corruption inherent in technology itself, and from malicious attempts like ransomware.

This is accomplished through multiple layers of feature sets that all work together to provide the best in data protection.

5 Lines of Defense for Data Protection

SAM has excellent features to protect the data it manages locally, on the network or in the cloud.

  1. Integrated firewall with many traditional firewall features
  2. Use of Virtual File Systems, not the OS native file systems
  3. Encryption of all files
  4. Obfuscation to remove any reference to the source file name path
  5. Retention of multiple versions of files
DataTrust’s Secure Archive Manager (SAM) will transform your defense against cyber threats.

How SAM Can Protect You from Being the Next Victim of Ransomware

A Multi-Faceted Defense Approach

Don’t allow ransomware to hold your data hostage. Our approach ensures that your company’s information is protected with maximum security.

Here are our key parameters:

Strong Antivirus Software

Limited Permissions

Good Spam Filters

Tamper-proof Backups

Internal Training

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DataTrust’s Secure Archive Manager (SAM) will transform your defense against cyber threats.

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