Streamline Record Management for Schools with PSIGEN PSIsafe

Streamline Record Management for Schools with PSIGEN PSIsafe

PSIGEN PSIsafe is a digital content management solution for physical records. This virtual filing solution can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. PSIsafe can digitize and host documents as well as create new documents. The central benefit of this solution is its simplistic interface and ease of use.

Welcome, Class! Meet PSIsafe.

School systems that implement PSIsafe find they are able to keep a multitude of records in an organized audit-ready system. The 60-year requirement for schools to student records creates an overwhelming amount of paper! Keeping these records in a safe controlled environment takes valuable resources that can be used in other ways.

Utilizing PSIsafe to host documents about graduated students is a solution that will save time, money and help you easily find records when being audited. The entire process, from uploading to finding previous records, is painless. The straightforward system uses a digital filing system to keep documents in electronic cabinets that are organized by need and are searchable. School administration can easily and quickly fulfill a transcript request or find a student record.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of PSIsafe for your educational institute.

Lesson 1:  PSIsafe Is Easy to Use

There are several ways to enter documents into PSI Safe. This solution allows users to go paperless and clear up space that was previously hosting files. PSIsafe can also be used in conjunction with other systems that upload current files and create future files.

Lesson 2: There Are Many Ways to Get Files into PSIsafe

  • Scan paper documents into the system to reduce the amount of paper that was previously kept in the office. This reduces backlog and creates the option to go paperless.
  • Drag or Drop previously digitized documents to keep them secure within PSIsafe.
  • Generate new documents within PSIsafe to reduce paper use.

Lesson 3: Schools Highly Benefit from a Content Management Solution

School systems can have one of the largest backlogs of paper due to the requirement to house every previous student’s file! The safety of these records is very important because they contain personal information, such as social security numbers. It is imperative that if kept on paper, these files are in a secure location and safe from the elements. By uploading them into PSIsafe, the risk of destruction or unauthorized access is diminished. It is easy to scan these documents into the system and organize them by graduation date.

Lesson 4: PSIsafe is Secure

When it comes to filing important documents with private information, the first question is about security. That’s completely understandable. PSIsafe creates a secure connection from individual workstations only allowing those with authorization to access the system. The information itself is encrypted and is secure within a virtual private network (VPN). It is protected against outside eyes whether you are utilizing the cloud or on-premise option for hosting. It is easy to create clearance levels for each user and organize the files to match accordingly. Within the system, specific files can be hidden for users who don’t need access. In an audit, the PSIsafe will only provide the seven years’ worth of documents that are required. This configuration protects the school from oversharing information.

Lesson 5: PSIsafe Integrates Quickly with Other Solutions

PSIsafe can integrate with existing solutions to maximize your benefits! While PSIsafe can help with backlogging and hosting it will work with your current student file management system. It will integrate with systems such as Microsoft Outlook to alert users of any updates a document will need. Reminders can be set to update or remove documents. PSIsafe sends an email notification when it is time to make any changes within the site. These features allow you to quickly fulfill a transcript request or move a record to be deleted.

Class Dismissed! Don’t Forget to Go Paperless with PSIsafe

Do you have a backlog of paper documents? Take the next step to digitize your student records. The price point makes PSIsafe the perfect fit for operations that have large quantities of stored documents. Free up physical space and create a system that allows your school to reduce paper.

Contact us for a consultation and see how we can integrate PSIsafe into your institution.

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